About Dialogs

Dialogs is a suite of cgi scripts, web pages, and security features that allows teachers to moderate online student journals. This program was designed to allow teachers to setup correspondence journals through the World Wide Web so that students can discuss paralell issues in any number of classrooms that have Internet access. Existing media did not provide certain features of Dialogs:

Dialogs keeps correspondence between any number of users in a "dialog group" in a single file that is accessible for download by the teacher. Configuration of these files is performed by the teacher. Students can post replies but can nototherwise modify group files. Each student "logs on" to Dialogs with a username and password, preventing fraud. The teacher "logs on" to Dialogs to configure or download files. Dialogs is accessible through the most common and accessible component of the Internet, the World Wide Web.




Dialogs can be installed on UNIX machines running Apache, NCSA, or other web servers that use the HTAccess web security system. Dialogs can be installed within the public_html directory of a user's shell account, or by the webmaster. See the README file for more information.



Dialogs is in it's earliest stages and the author provides no guarantee as to the suitability or functioning of this software. The complete file is available for download in a GNU-Zipped, Tape-Archived file here.


Future Plans

I hope you enjoy dialogs. I am currently looking for classrooms to pilot this software. Ultimately, I would like to port this idea to Java for three reasons:

The following screenshot is a basic idea of what the new Java interface will look like.

Screenshot from Dialogs Client:

I am excited about the possibilities of this idea, and hope you will contact me:

Email rpeake@uclink4.berkeley.edu