Food Waste Reduction Coordinator

The Food Waste Reduction Coordinator is responsible for leading initiatives seeking to reduce food waste produced by on-campus dining halls and engaging students in learning about food waste and food insecurity. The position hosts a triannual “Weigh Your Waste” event, in which food waste is publicly weighed in the dining halls, serving to both educate students and collect food waste data. In addition to these events, the Food Waste Reduction Coordinator monitors the food recovery program that donates any unserved food at the end of each night. 

Current Initiatives:

        • Monitoring the food recovery program by recording data on food recovered and coordinating with the Student Food Pantry volunteers to ensure proper delivery.
        • Working to expand the food recovery program to include donations from all on-campus restaurants.
        • Collecting data on the weights and kinds of dishes wasted in the dining halls, informing future chef purchasing and menu building.
        • Hosting events in dining halls addressing links between food waste and food insecurity with recruited volunteers.
        • Supporting affordable food & housing projects through UCB Basic Needs Coalition meetings.