Richard Y. Zhang

Postdoctoral Scholar in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Co-PI on NSF Award 1808859.

Ph.D., MIT, EECS, 2017. Advisor: Jacob K. White.
S.M., MIT, EECS, 2012. Advisor: John G. Kassakian.
B.E. (hons), University of Canterbury, EE, 2009.

I'm broadly interested in learning from large datasets and solving meaningful problems. My goal is to develop algorithms and techniques that are guaranteed to work at realistic scales and solve to global optimality.

My research often uses domain expertise to identify problem-specific structure (e.g. sparsity, low-rank, hierarchy, conditioning) that can be exploited for orders-of-magnitude improvements in speed or accuracy. My applications span control theory, electric power systems, power electronics, and more recently, data science and machine learning.

Keywords. Optimization. Computational mathematics. Large-scale. Nonconvex.
Applications. Energy. Control theory. Analytics. Machine learning.

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