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The Shrine to Charlie Hough [Charlie Hough Pitching] The Shrine To Charlie Hough
An online tribute to the retired knuckleball legend
 Steven's Phillies Page [Phillies Logo] Steven's Phillies Page
The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team
Steven's Games Page [Quake 3 Arena Screenshot] Steven's Games Page
The best games for your computer

The Paws That Hold The World
The eight-minute student film that is certainly... something.
[~25 megabyte DIVX AVI video file]

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Go to My AIM... Edit Options... Edit Preferences... Buddy Icons... Browse PC.
Then, select RichardGillAOL.gif from the directory where you saved it.
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Steven's Web Page

Updated 3/11/2005
Several updates to The Shrine to Charlie Hough today--go there for full details.
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Updated 3/8/2005
A few minor updates to this page today. I've added some new links (and deleted a few out of date ones), listed a new contact e-mail address, and updated the recommended browser link to lead to the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Counter: 115,936

Updated 1/2/2004
Steven's Web Page is now in its ninth year! Some updates to this page today, but the big updates are on the Shrine to Charlie Hough.
Counter: 95,927

Updated 5/9/2003
I discovered some bugs recently, which I am now trying to correct. Most fixes so far are on the Shrine to Charlie Hough.
Counter: 74,090

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