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Welcome to Steven's Games Page. This page showcases demos of (and links to purchase) some of my favorite computer games.

UPDATE 1/16/2003: Four and a half years later, this page is finally updated. I'll add some of my more recent favorite games later; for now, enjoy these oldie but goodie titles.

Table of Contents

Hexen 2
Quake 2
Quake 3 Arena
Warcraft 2
Worms 2
You Don't Know Jack

Picture of Cyberdemon from the Doom series

A classic 3-D shooter which is still very fun and ideal for older computers.

Buy Doom 2 on (for Windows)
Download Doom DOS Demo
Download Doom WIN95 Demo
Download Doom Mac Demo

Heretic and Hexen

Heretic and its sequel Hexen are both 3-D shooters utilizing an enhanced version of ID's Doom engine. The result of a joint effort from Raven and ID software, both medieval themed games have excellent art and feature the ability to gather items, look above and below, and even fly.

While Heretic features the familiar linear level progression system found in Doom, Hexen uses a hub format resulting in larger and more challenging levels.

Download Heretic DOS Demo
Download Hexen DOS Demo
Download Hexen Mac Demo

Hexen 2
Hexen 2 Screenshot

Hexen 2 combines an advanced version of the Quake engine with spectacular graphics and challenging puzzles to create a wonderful game.

Buy Hexen 2 on (for Mac)
Download Hexen 2 WIN95 Demo

Quake Trilogy
Quake 2 Screenshot

Quake and Quake 2 are both spectacular 3-D shooters with stellar enemy AI, great levels, superb polygonal graphics, and much more.

Quake 3 is my favorite multiplayer online game.

Buy Quake 3 on (for Windows and Mac)
Download Quake DOS Demo
Download Quake Mac Demo
Download Quake 2 WIN95 Demo

Starcraft Screen Shot

Starcraft is a spectacular realtime strategy game featuring 3-D terrain, three different factions to play with, and great graphics.

Buy Starcraft on (for Windows and Mac)
Download Starcraft WIN95 Demo

Warcraft 2

Warcraft 2 is another good realtime strategy game. Choose from Orcs or Humans- both sides require the employment of different strategies to succeed.

Buy Warcraft 2 on (for Windows and Mac)
Download Warcraft 2 DOS Demo
Download Warcraft 2 Mac Demo

Worms and Worms 2
Worms Screenshot

Fun strategy games in which teams of worms armed with bazookas, shotguns, and grenades duke it out.

Buy Worms 2 on (for Windows)
Download Worms DOS Demo
Download Worms Mac Demo
Download Worms Amiga Demo
Download Worms 2 WIN95 Demo

You Don't Know Jack!

You Don't Know Jack is a wonderful trivia game with plenty of attitude. The Netshow version below offers new questions twice a week and gives players the opportunity to win prizes, while the demos give full playability with selected questions.

Download YDKJ WIN95 Netshow
Download YDKJ WIN95 Demo
Download YDKJ WIN3x Demo
Download YDKJ Mac Demo


ID Software Makers of the Quake games
Raven Software Makers of Hexen 2
Team 17 Makers of Worms and Worms 2
Blizzard Makers of Starcraft and Warcraft
Berkeley Systems Makers of You Don't Know Jack
Happy Puppy Games This site has a good selection of shareware

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