A New Piece of Legislation in Sacramento to Curb the UC Regents' Excesses of Secrecy

A. B. 775, authored by Assemblymember Leland Y. Yee (D-San Francisco), amends the Open Meetings Law applicable to the  Regents of the University of California (Education Code Sections 92020 and 92032) to require that:

• Consideration of compensation for certain high level executives be done in open meetings
• Advisory committees involving regents must also obey the open meetings rules

Endorsing the bill:  California Newspaper Publishers Association (Sponsor), AFSCME,  Council of UC Faculty Associations, UC Student Association, Californians Aware, California Labor Federation, California Nurses Association, various individuals.

Text of the legislation (as amended 6/20/06)

My letter in support

UC's letter in opposition

Journey in Sacramento
PASSED (vote 8-1) in the Senate Education Committee 6-28-06
Next due for consideration in the Senate Appropriations Committee