This is a grassroots campaign to reform the governance of UC, using the basic ideas of democracy to make the Board of Regents representative of and accountable to the people of California. The initiative balances the interests of citizens throughout the state with those immediately on and nearby the UC campuses; maintains the Regents' traditional connections with elected state officials, and with the established alumni and student organizations; provides a means for substantial consultation with adjacent communities on major land use decisions by UC; preserves the political independence of the University, and provides for the protection of academic freedom.

Committee for a Responsible University, 4079 Army St., San Francisco, CA 94131     8/6/93


Replace the 18 regents presently appointed by the Governor for 12 year terms with:
** 9 regents elected in statewide elections, on a non-partisan basis; candidates need 6000 signatures to be nominated; voters would each cast a vote for one candidate on the ballot and the 9 highest vote getters are elected; and
** 9 regents appointed by Campus Councils and confirmed by the Assembly.
These 18 regents serve 4 year terms with a 12 year term limit.

Continue the present ** 4 ex-officio members of the Board of Regents: the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Continue the ** 2 representatives of the UC Alumni Association. Add ** 2 representatives of the UC Student Association (These two would replace the one student regent, now selected by the Board, and the president of the University.)
The alumni regents and student regents would also be confirmed by the Assembly.

Campus Councils, one on each of UC's 9 campuses, will be composed of:
* 5 members elected by the campus faculty employees, one vote per voter;
* 5 members elected by the campus non-faculty employees, one vote per voter;
* 5 members elected by the campus students, one vote per voter;
In each, the 5 highest vote getters are elected; 2 year terms, 12 year limit.
* 5 members selected by the local city and county;
* 1 ex-officio member: the chancellor of the campus.
In addition to selecting the appointed regents, each Council is empowered to hold public hearings and issue advisory reports on any matters of general concern to the campus, to make appropriate rules for the conduct of their business, and to exercise other powers that the regents may delegate to them.

The political independence of academic functions within the University will be protected: "For the protection of academic freedom, the authority and functions presently delegated by the Regents to the Academic Senate of the University shall not be modified or withdrawn without the express consent of the Academic Senate."

Other provisions. The total compensation paid to the UC president and chancellors, as well as any paid to the regents, shall be subject to legislated limits. The Legislature is directed to enact a campaign finance law covering the election of UC regents. If the number of UC campuses should change, the number of elected and appointed regents also changes. Filling of vacancies, transition and other details are covered.