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How to contribute as a student

  • To suggest a new topic, post on CS61A Wiki:Requested articles (click here) or create it yourself.
  • To suggest a change to an existing article, edit it. All edits will be vetted by a member of the course staff (instructor, TA, or reader) before going live on the wiki. If you do not feel confident enough to make the change yourself, suggest it on the article's talk page.

General rules

  • Contribute constructively: Keep content relevant to 61A material. If you find a typo or inaccurate information, just fix it. Spammers, vandals, and trolls will be blocked indefinitely.
  • Keep it legal: Respect licenses and copyright. Only post content you own or provide attribution for content under a license that permits reuse.
  • Cite your sources: If you draw information from a lecture, another course resource, or elsewhere online, list the link in the "Sources" section for ease of verification.
  • Editing and style: Review our how-to guide before contributing to the wiki.
  • Ignore all rules: If a rule prevents you from teaching or helping other students, ignore it.