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glookup is a program that manages student submissions and grades on the EECS Instructional UNIX systems. This program can only be accessed through an instructional class account (e.g. It was written by Professor Paul Hilfinger in 1998 [1].

Submitting Assignments

  1. Navigate to the directory in which the files to be submitted are located.
  2. Run submit with the name of the assignment, not the name of the files. One can run glookup to look at the list of assignments.
    submit hw5
  3. The program will ask for the files required to be submitted. Once the process is complete, one can run glookup -t to view the timestamps for the submissions.
    glookup -t hw5

Viewing Grades

Total grade


Grade for assignment

glookup hw2


glookup -s assignment

Add -F to filter out the records that also have a grade for that assignment. This is useful to exclude the class accounts of students that have dropped the course.

glookup -s proj3 -F midterm1

Add -b to change the bucket size of the histogram.

glookup -s midterm2 -b 5