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In CS61A, Python installation involves downloading, installing, and configuring the latest version of Python 3.x onto one's personal computer so that one can run Python 3.x from a command prompt that is not the built-in IDLE program.

Mac OS X

Python 2.7 should be built-in to Macs (and accessible with python) but the latest version of Python 3.x, which we use for this class, may not be built-in. You may have to install it separately.


The staff will assume that you can invoke Python from the Command Prompt, so please be sure to bind a command such as python3, python, or py to the Python program.

Completion: Next Steps

After Python now works on your computer, you may want to set up the connection between your computer and UC Berkeley CS's servers. In addition, navigating your class account in UC Berkeley CS's servers involves knowing basic Unix.