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I’ve been looking around to find whats the best pet for me. If I should get a dog, cat, what breed, and if I should even get one! I recently came across alicia-online's homepage and now I know what to get!Because of alicia-online I know which pet I want to get.

I plan on getting a very very very adorable puppy. I know it’ll be sleeping a lot but I plan on playing with it once its awake. This puppy will grow along with my son so my son will be fond of our new puppy. I learned which type of food I should get for my puppy and how to adjust the diet. I know how to keep it healthy and whats required for my puppy! I’m now a very happy puppy-owner and I plan on becoming a very happy dog-owner too!

I did want a kitten but that thought can be brushed aside for now.