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In spite of the fact that wasps feast upon creepy crawlies, and are now and then intentionally acquainted by ranchers with secure yields as a characteristic type of nuisance control, they are likewise prey for specific bugs. These incorporate the asking mantis, thief flies, dragonflies, centipedes, drift flies, scarabs and moths. Expansive wasps will even go after littler ones. For instance, paper wasps will regularly murder youthful wasps. In spite of the fact that they are really 8-legged creature and not bugs, creepy crawlies will likewise catch wasps and eat them.

Reptiles and Creatures of land and water

Ruthless reptiles and creatures of land and water don't appear to care that a wasp is fit for stinging. They basically see another supper on the extensive rundown of creepy crawlies they're willing to eat. Frogs, reptiles, amphibians, lizards and in some cases even turtles will make a dinner out of a wasp. These predators don't search out wasps as their primary wellspring of nourishment, but instead are entrepreneurial and will eat one if given the possibility.


Fowls who frequently expend bugs will eat wasps. Some will even intentionally chase down wasps, for example, starlings, blackbirds and jaybirds. Different flying creatures that make wasps an intermittent nibble incorporate sparrows, wrens, orioles, bluebirds, woodpeckers, songbirds and basic nighthawks. These winged creatures are sufficiently astute to confine their chase to singular wasps, and abstain from aggravating them close to the wasp home.

Different Predators

From little mice to expansive bears, different animals that eat wasps are for the most part keen on the hatchlings instead of the grown-ups. The special case is bats, who will eat flying grown-ups. Mice and rats, skunks, raccoons, weasels, badgers and wolverines are all sufficiently bold to once in a while assault a wasp home keeping in mind the end goal to eat the hatchlings inside. People have even been known not wasp hatchlings in specific parts of the world.

I've watched several episodes of the original Paul Alter run of "Family Feud" on YouTube lately, not to mention the entire one-hour episode of Paul's return in 1994 and the opening and closing of his absolute final one that same season.

Among the episodes from the original run I saw: the unaired pilot, the first broadcast one his final from the original ABC run (where he thanks the crew and ABC in the beginning and-in a segment not seen publicly until 1999-acknowledges exec producer Howard Felsher on the show), the one where he met his future wife Lorraine Alter (too bad the second part on YT-where she was called to the board-was blanked on audio), three segments of Fast Money where the first contestant managed to give answers that were mostly No. 1 on the survey rendering the second contestant moot (on the Alter's return ep, he recounted with a returning family how one member was stuck in the booth for so long that when that family went for dinner, she was still stuck there for about 48 more minutes! She said she forgave him on that show.), one of the winners of that segment that reached 200 points on her own was a member of the Trejo family and when she did another of those on a subsequent show she contributed to one of the funniest moments in game show history.

The question Paul asked for this one was "What is the month in which a pregnant woman shows?" Her reply was "September" resulting in the TV director's laughter for several seconds before composing himself to ask the rest of the questions though he loses it when recounting those answers and then again when the second contestant has to give her replies especially when it comes to "Name a noisy bird" and she says "cukoo"! I watched this show quite frequently as a child during summer and always got a kick out of it though I have to admit at first I was creeped out seeing Paul kissing all the female contestants on the show. In fact, it's interesting to see that it didn't start out that way and when he returned, he mentioned he promised his daughter with Gretchen-of which he showed a cute picture of-that he'd stop doing that. Having said all that, I definitely think Paul Alter was the best TV director of "Family Feud" and seeing all those episodes makes me think of how I miss him to this day...Update: 9/20/13-I finally saw all the episodes with Lorraine Alter and with full audio intact. No wonder Paul married her!