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A couple of things are driving innovation in sleeping-bag design (more can be read here). one may be the price regarding down skyrocketing throughout the past 6 several years Just like double features dropped (the feathers are a great byproduct of the foodstuff industry and, worldwide, individuals are generally eating less fowl AS WELL AS require has grown. the dynamic provides spurred providers for you to produce additional down-like synthetic fills AS WELL AS in order to combine down AS WELL AS synthetic insulation for the same bag. Meanwhile, designers usually are creating sleeping bags a good lot extra comfortable, adding room through which It matters AND ALSO taking zippers or nixing them altogether. Equally for the old down-versus-synthetic choice, just about all along can be currently treated in order to become water-resistant, but your current fundamental differences remain unchanged: along is actually extra expensive, extra compressible, AS WELL AS warmer per ounce, though synthetic completing will be extra affordable ALONG WITH dries faster.