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A sleeping bag is actually a insulated covering for a good person, essentially a great lightweight quilt The idea is closed having a zipper or similar means in order to application form a great tube, that operates Just like bedding throughout situations through which a person is actually sleeping outdoors (e.g. Any time camping, hiking, hill walking or even climbing). it is very first purpose is to be able to give the warmth AND thermal insulation in the course of their synthetic or maybe down insulation. The idea furthermore typically features a great water resistant or water repellent cover This protects, to a number of extent, against wind chill IN ADDITION TO light precipitation, but an tent will be used AS WELL AS a good sleeping bag, Just like This is effective anyone is effective better. your own bottom surface now offers some cushioning, but a sleeping pad or camp cot is usually taken in addition to the purpose. your current bottom surface of your sleeping bag might be moderately water repellent, but a great plastic tarp or perhaps groundsheet is usually meant to protect against moist ground.