Occupy the Farm Screening + Development Updates

Occupy the Farm Screening + Development Updates

The Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA) would like to invite you to our screening of Occupy the Farm on Sunday, July 30th at 7pm. We are currently facing threats of development from UC Berkeley, an experience our friends at Gill Tract are all too familiar with. This night will be for learning about the history of UC Berkeley-owned land, to understand the context we are operating in, to learn about actions students, faculty, and community members have taken in the past, and to discuss our current situation
at Oxford Tract and SOGA.

Let’s understand our history to have an impact on the future of our dwindling urban green spaces.

We will start the evening at SOGA (corner of Walnut and Virginia Streets) at 7pm on Sunday, July 30th with snacks and a garden tour complete with land use history. At 7:30pm, we will walk 10 minutes to Ridge House (2420 Ridge Road) where we will be hosting the screening. The film will be done around 9:45pm and I hope you all will stick around for a discussion about housing, land for agricultural use, and the future of Oxford Tract with folks from Gill Tract, Oxford Tract, SOGA, community members, and students. Come by to learn, discuss, and protect this land! Visit our website here for more information on development pressures. If you all have questions, please contact us at studentorganicgarden@gmail.com

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