Open Hours

Open Hours

Open Hours (Spring 2018):

Sunday 10-2 pm

Open Hours are weekly windows of time in which the Student Organic Garden’s gates will be open. There is at least one SOGA member facilitating each Open Hours.


The primary purpose of Open Hours is for members of the community to learn about garden management and maintenance through hands-on volunteer work.  Garden tasks range from planting watermelon seeds in the greenhouse to pruning the fig tree to painting a mural on the side of the tool shed.  All garden work is voluntary, and we ask that all new volunteers please sign a liability waiver. We highly suggest wearing closed-toed shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen when volunteering!

Hang Out

Aside from providing fresh produce to the community and a setting in which to learn about sustainable organic agriculture, the garden is the source of much personal enjoyment for many of us.  Open Hours is a time for garden-goers to relax under the gazebo, snack on some plums, and listen to the sounds of pollinators flying from one flower to the next.

Weekly Meetings

As of Spring 2018, weekly meetings will be held at 8-9 pm in Dwinelle 262.  This will be the time to voice any opinions, suggestions, and/or concerns about garden operations and programming.  We really look forward to having a more open dialogue about SOGA’s management!