Why We're Not Registering

Steve and Alice
August 14, 2004

Why we're not registering

Several people have very kindly asked us what sorts of gifts we'd like to receive as part of this event. The idea of giving us presents is incredibly thoughtful, however, truly, there's really nothing that we need, and not much space to put additional items (ask us about the ratio of books to square feet in our apartment sometime!). In our case, we've each lived on our own for a while, and when we moved in together, we had a nearly complete set of household goods. Any deficiencies that existed (a funnel set, random things like a rice cooker) were pretty much remedied within the first few months of moving to our current apartment last summer.

Additionally, we try to be fairly non-consumptive in general. So, while it's really nice for people to want to give us things, since that's a traditional way of expressing all sorts of congratulations and good wishes, it's not really a situation that comes immediately to our minds when thinking about our celebration.

If, after all that, you're still interested in doing something monetary to mark this occasion, there are a number of different causes and groups that would be more than willing to take donations and do good things with them. We understand that people attending don't necessarily share all (or even any!) of our political views and opinions, but if you would like to know of some of the organizations that we support, here is a (non-comprehensive) list, roughly broken down into where the groups fall on the political spectrum:

Middle of the Road

Left of Center

Past the Left Side of the Road, Towards the Forest

In the Trees

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