Steven Ho


You've reached my webpage, filled with random information about my skills, hobbies, interests, and projects. I am a Linguistics and Computer Science double major at UC Berkeley.


Mother Tongue

Completed, seeking production

My current piece of work is a full length play about a Vietnamese-immigrant mother who sacrifices her language for her son. "Mother Tongue" tackles issues of the immigrant experience and an internalized oppression that cannot be put into words.

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This semester I am an Undergraduate Student Instructor for UC Berkeley's sophomore-level computer systems course CS61C. Find my bio here

Guebie Language

For the past year, I have been working on a database for a West-African Kru language named Guebie. The work I do involves glossing, translating, and categorizing data along with learning the linguistic structure of the language. In addition, I search for cognates in related Kru languages to form the basis of comparative research.

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