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  • Grads: swps-grads at
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  • Postdocs: swpspostdocs at

SWPS Coordinators:

If you know which coordinator you’d like to reach, you can find their address below. If you’re not sure who to contact, or have questions about SWPS at Berkeley, please feel free to email the Head Coordinator(s).

  • Head coordinator: Ruhee Nirodi <ruheenirodi at>
  • Physics coordinator:  Aashrita Mangu <amangu at>
  • Astronomy coordinator: Ellianna Schwab Abrahams <ellianna at>
  • EPS coordinator: Isabel Fendley <isabel.fendley at>
  • Chemistry coordinator: Ava Hejazi <ahejazi at>
  • Postdoc coordinator: Margaret Avery <msavery at>
  • Undergrad coordinators:
    • Eden McEwen <emcewen at>
    • Yonna Kim <yonna.kim56 at>
  • Mentoring coordinator: Helen Fitzmaurice <hfitzmaurice at>
  • Website coordinator: Jacqueline Beechert <jbeechert at>
  • Undergraduate outreach coordinators: 
    • Allison Zau <zaua at>
    • Erika Hathaway <erika.hathaway at>
  • Treasurer: QinQin Yu <qinqinyu at>
  • Speaker tea coordinators: 
    • Kayla Currier <currier at>
    • Melanie Hamaguchi <mhamaguchi at>