Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a cornerstone of the SWPS organization. It is intended to create critical bonds between graduate students, undergraduate students, and Postdocs that provide support in a challenging academic environment.

The mentoring program is available for, but not limited to, all students in the Physics, Astronomy, EPS, and Chemistry Departments. Mentoring groups consist of 4-‐6 people with a mix of graduate and undergraduate students based on interest and availability. The frequency of meeting and focus of each group is decided by the members of that specific group, varying from general camaraderie to providing specific guidance for application to graduate school or research. The duration that a group remains intact is also dependent on the members and can be anywhere from one semester to several years. Group members are free to change groups in order to meet more people or due to schedule changes.

Mentoring Meetups

Once per semester, SWPS hosts a meetup for those interested in joining a mentoring group. There is usually some ice breaking activity followed by general mingling, and at the end of the event, students who want to be placed in a mentoring group fill out an exit poll that outlines their interests and availability. The SWPS mentoring coordinators use that information to form the groups. See the SWPS calendar for the date and time of our next Mentoring Meetup.

If you would like to be in a mentoring group but couldn’t make it the meetup, feel free to contact the SWPS mentoring coordinators and they will get you set up!

2018-2019 SWPS Mentoring Coordinators:

  • Sarah Slotznick <>
  • Nicolle (Nikki) Doering <>