Resources for new Parents

General Information:

Information regarding Family Medical Leave (FML):

  • Postdocs get four week so paid leave and 12 weeks of FML following the birth/adoption of a child. Postdocs can also take 4 months pre-birth in pregnancy disability, if needed. (source: postdoctoral contract)
  • Graduate students are given a guarantee on their student status for two academic semesters as long as they take their FML during a semester in which they are enrolled. (source: graduate division memo)
  • GSRs and GSIs are guaranteed 6 weeks of paid leave which if not provided by their advisor will be provided via the `Childbirth Fund’ on campus with Grad division approval. (source: Graduate Council Policy)
  • SHIP health insurance has a reasonable coverage of pregnancy related costs. Coverage continues during this time even have the paid leave has lapsed. Ask about a free  breast pump at Tang.
  • Graduate students are eligible for daycare reimbursement of ~$1200 during fall and spring and $800 during the summer.