Alex Yu

Alex Yu

Undergraduate Student, Researcher at UC Berkeley

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Hi! I am currently a second-year CS and Applied Math major at UC Berkeley.

I am involved in Virtual Reality research, primarily applying computer vision to support human-computer interaction in virtual environments. In my free time I actively participate in competitive programming and am a member of UGTCS (the Undergrad CS Theory club), Virtual Reality @ Berkeley, as well as the Canadian Student Association.

Previously, I attended University Hill Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada and studied for a year at the University of British Columbia (UBC) through the Concurrent Studies program.

I am known as Doriath on many websites.

FHL Vive Center

I am working part-time as a research assistant at the FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality (formerly CAC) under the Executive Director, Dr. Allen Yang. In particular, I am a member of the OpenARK (Augmented Reality Kit) project group, which I joined in my freshman year. Other members of my team include Bill Zhou and Joseph Menke. At the moment I am focusing on two features:

Competitive Programming

CS 61A

I have been responsible for running the hog contest for several semesters now. When I took the course in Spring 2017, I finished first in the same contest, which has always been my favorite part of the course. In my semester, however, the program for running the contest was quite slow and took almost one week to compute the results. To improve upon this I created a new parallelized system written mostly in C++ for running the contest. Now the evaluation takes so little time that I have even put up a live leaderboard, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!

Hog Contest Live Leaderboard, Fall 2018

I have also participated in the software development team, helping to refactor, maintain, and test the OK autograder.

SETI: Breakthrough Listen

Recently I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the SETI: Breakthrough Listen URAP program sponsored by Prof. Imke de Pater. I am very excited about this opportunity, since I have always been fascinated by astronomy. While in high school, I was a member of the UBC astronomy club and also organized an astronomy club at my high school.

Andromeda Galaxy (From BL website)

Course List

Here is a list of technical courses I have taken:

Miscellaneous Stuff/Fun