The Classical Forum facilitates events related to the study of Classics. Our purpose is to create a community at UC Berkeley between professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students through events.

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April 30,  The Past Events page has been updated with photos taken from actual past events!  Imagine that!  Also, the site will probably go into hibernation for the summer. There are only a few more events this year. See you in the Fall.

April 10, Many events have been added and are coming up soon.  Check them out!

February 23, 205 Wheeler has been verified as TCF's meeting location.  Join us next Wednesday for the March meeting.

February 7, The site has been updated.  The AHMA's website is now listed in the Links section.

January 19, Be sure to go to the first meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM on Monday, the 23rd at Cafe Milano.  See the events page for further details.

December 1,
As was announced on the TCF email list, the card-making party previously scheduled for next Saturday, the third, is now part of the monthly meeting on Wednesday, the seventh.

November 5, You may have the opportunity to join the excavations in Nemea and Mycenae over the summer led by the Kim Shelton, director of the Nemea Center, and get Berkeley class credits on top of that.  Get the application here.(31kb .doc)  For more information see this page.

October 29, On the table at the meeting next Wednesday is the play Achilles and Patroclus.  Check it out on the events page here.

October 20,  As promised new events are now available along with several other updates.  Please let me, James, know if anything is missing from the site that you would like to see.  Conversely, please tell me if anything that is on here is incorrect.

October 16,  The site has been updated!  Check out the new calendar under Events for your schedule planning pleasure.  We will actually have new events posted on it soon!


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