Why did you get involved with Theatre Rice?
It was a promise I made to friends that I have been putting off. Aside from that, I really was hoping to find an extracurricular group on campus that I had fun with, and Theatre Rice was just that. I also wanted to try out acting and performing on stage, which is something I've always had interest in, but never took the time to persue.

What did you expect to gain from TR?
All I was expecting were good times and a fun outlet that made my life a bit more interesting than studying all day and night. Now all I do is go to CT meetings and study. Excellent.... my life is complete =) Also, I expected to get closer to some ppl in TR that I've known but not that well, and I'm really glad I did!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Ugh, slaving away at my studies in med school hopefully? We'll see how that goes... =) Ha, watch... I'm still a Berkeley undergrad. Oh, that would be a sad, sad day.

Who are your role models?
Bruce Cheung. No, don't worry. He doesn't have a knife to my neck.... um... honestly.. (call... 911...) O_O ;; No really, my parents are. They're crazy... in a good way =)

What do you do after Theatre Rice meetings??
Come home to Theta Rice and talk about skits with my roommates! Then we split up by counting off into twos. We get 5 minutes to prepare a skit given a word or as a response to some really odd video, and then perform. Laugh, and repeat til its morning. Ha... you think it's a joke, don't you?

Jerry Tsai

3rd Year
CogSci (Major) / Premed (intended)
Danville, CA