Stop counting; Start coding!

The Problem

Accounting is about the results, not the process, yet too often tedious tasks like data entry can hinder the speed and accuracy of accountants. The need for programming is there. Yet when programming knowledge is actively pursued, the delight of exploring is often overwhelmed by a sea of arcane prose written by the pros, leaving accountants and people without prior programming knowledge a high barrier to start coding.

What is PyAccountant?

PyAccountant provides an opportunity for accountants to try coding for the first time, and it lowers the barrier to exploration in the world of code. PyAccountant rekindles playfulness, inspires curiosity, and engages with users through vivid stories and analogies, to invite users to try coding and automating tedious tasks like data entry.


Vivid story and images
aiding users to understand Python and computer science concepts better
Tailored content for Accountants
making sure they only learn what they need and able to apply to their work
Interactive feedback and hints
to speed up the learning cycle

Design Process

High Fidelity Prototype

Docs and misc.

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Ty Feng

Project Manager and UI Design and Development
Albert Tung

UI Development
Jingxian Wu

Comic Illustrator
Chi Zhang

Narrator and UI Design