Who We Are

Model United Nations, fondly referred to as MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda. Students act as delegates representing a country, NGO, or historical figure as they work to solve international issues through a combination of debate and negotiation. Students are able to improve upon their public speaking, creative problem solving, and interpersonal skills while learning about a wide range of historical and current foreign affairs issues.


UC Berkeley Model United Nation’s members compete on the national Model UN debate circuit, attending 8+ conferences annually and traveling to universities as close as UCLA and as far as Harvard. Competing is the backbone of our organization. In 2017-2018, our team ranked 13th on the national Model UN circuit, and we are currently training to regain our spot in the national top 10 moving forward.



Along with competing, members host the UCBMUN conference, held the first week of March every year in San Francisco for more than 500 students from across the country.The conference provides wonderful leadership opportunities for our members and a chance to pursue individual interests in foreign affairs.




We are truly an international organization, with students from a wide range of countries and a geographically diverse representation of US citizens. Our members also come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including History, Economics, Computer Science, Haas Business, Engineering, and Public Health.




In all, UC Berkeley Model United Nations provides a unique opportunity to learn about international affairs and grow intellectually, while also building life-long friendships.