Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question? You're not alone! Check out some of these frequently asked questions below!
What is Vagabond Multilingual Journal?
Vagabond is a UC Berkeley student-run multilingual literary journal that promotes multiculturalism by showcasing creative works written in various languages and accompanied by English translations. Our mission in publishing these works is to foster interest in multilingualism, promote diversity, and support multiculturalism in the UC Berkeley community. Vagabond publishes original poetry and prose as well as visual works such as photography. All works are written by UC Berkeley students, professors, and staff members.
How frequently are issues released?
Issues are released bi-annually, one for the Fall and Spring semesters of the UC Berkeley school year.
Who writes for the magazines?
You do! All our submissions come from UC Berkeley students and staff. If you'd be interested in submitting a piece or have a friend who might be interested, be sure to point them to our website, particularly our Submissions Page!
Where can I read the magazine or get a copy?
Our magazine is published online through If you'd like to browse our magazine, all previous issues availble can be found on our Issues Page!
If you would like a paper copy of one of our issues, be sure to check for our publishing dates and look around campus for copies!
How did Vagabond get started?
The story of our beginnings is told in our first issue. Here's the excerpt from our Spring 2005 Issue:
It was one of Berkeley's chilly and deserted evenings. We were sitting under the circus roof lights of cafe Strada, at one of those round tables with a piece of world map imprinted on its top, reading Baudelaire and sharing our thoughts about the meaning of his poems in Russian, English, and French simultaneously. We broke out laughing at the unwanted attention that our trilingual conversation had stirred, and then it hit us - Berkeley - so many languages, so many cultures, so much life and no literary publication to embody and unite all of it!
Berkeley is host to all kinds of musicians, artists, poets, clowns, jugglers, bucket drummers, dancers, fat squirrels, realists, pessimists, romantics, cynical raccoons - one cannot but feel as Alice in Wonderland, wandering through subconscious labyrinths of this magical life. When we take a closer look at one another we see more similarites than differences, and it's by sharing those similarities while respecing and truly understanding and accepting the differences that we can create a more coherent world. Well, to quote John Lennon: "They may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." Berkeley is place for all vagabonds.
-Anastasia Namsaraeva and Tatyana Shmygol
My question isn't frequently asked. What do I do?
Ask it anyway! Shoot us an email at and we'll be sure to get back to you ASAP!