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List of Publications

By Professor Niek Veldhuis, UC Berkeley                                       

1. Monographs:

2004       Religion, Literature, and Scholarship: The Sumerian Composition Nanše and the Birds. With a Catalogue of Sumerian Bird Names. Cuneiform Monographs 22. Leiden: Brill Publications.

1997     Elementary Education at Nippur. The Lists of Trees and Woo­den Objects. Doctoral dissertation, University of Groningen

1991     A Cow of Sîn. Library of Oriental Texts 2. Groningen: Styx Publications.

2. Edited Volume

2006     With Piotr Michalowski, Approaches to Sumerian Literature. Studies in Honour of Stip (H.L.J. Vanstiphout). Cuneiform Monographs 35. Leiden: Brill Publications.

3. Articles:

2010     Old Babylonian Documents in the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley. Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale 102, 49-70

            Guardians of Tradition: Early Dynastic Lexical Texts in Old Babylonian Copies. Pp. 379-400 in Heather D. Baker, Eleanor Robson, and Gábor Zólyomi (eds.), Your Praise is Sweet. A Memorial Volume for Jeremy Black from Students, Colleagues and Friends.

            The Theory of Knowledge and the Practice of Celestial Divination. Pp. 77-91 in Amar Annus (ed.), Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient World. Oriental Institute Seminars 6. Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

2009     BAM 7, 51: An Alternative Reading. Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes 14, 44-48

            with Rick Kern: Visible Language: From Cuneiform to Text Messaging. Townsend Newsletter September/October 2009, 5-7 (http://townsendcenter.berkeley.edu/article25.shtml).

2008     Kurigalzu's Statue Inscription. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 60 (2008), 25-51.

            Orthography and Politics: adda, "carcass" and kur9, "to enter". Pp. 223-230 in Piotr Michalowski (ed.), On the Third Dynasty of Ur. Studies in Honor of Marcel Sigrist, The Journal of Cuneiform Studies Supplemental Series Volume 1. Boston: American Schools of Oriental Research 2008

2006     Divination: Theory and Use. Pp. 487-497 in Ann K. Guinan, Maria de J. Ellis, A. J. Ferrara, Sally M. Freedman, Matthew T. Rutz, Leonhard Sassmannshausen, Steve Tinney, and M. W. Waters (eds.), If a Man Builds a Joyful House: Assyriological Studies in Honor of Erle Verdun Leichty,  Leiden: Brill 2006

            How did they Learn Cuneiform? “Tribute/Word List C” as an Elementary Exercise. Pp. 181-200 in Piotr Michalowski and Niek Veldhuis (eds.), Approaches to Sumerian Literature in Honour of Stip (H.L.J. Vanstiphout), Leiden: Brill 2006.

            How to Classify Pigs: Old Babylonian and Middle Babylonian Lexical Texts. Pp. 25-29 in Cécile Michel and Brigitte Lion (eds.), De la domestication au tabou : le cas des suidés dans le Proche-Orient ancien, Paris 2006.

2005     Lexical Bits and Pieces. Pp. 311-321 in Yitschak Sefati, Pinhas Artzi, Chaim Cohen,  Barry L. Eichler, and Victor A. Hurowitz (eds.) "An Experienced Scribe Who Neglects Nothing" Ancient Near Eastern Studies In Honor Of Jacob Klein, Bethesda, MD: CDL Press 2005.

            Grammatical Texts in their Intellectual Contexts. Acta Sumerologica 22 (2000), 227-247 [appeared 2005].

2003     Sumerian Literature. Pp.29-43 in: Gillis Dorleijn and Herman L.J. Vanstiphout: Cultural Repertories. Structure, Function and Dynamics. Louvain: Peeters 2003.

            Cuneiform Tablets at the Groningen Institute for Semitics. Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 93 (2003), 53-69.

            Mesopotamian Canons. Pp. 9-28 in Margalit Finkelberg and Christoph Markschies (eds.). Homer, the Bible, and Beyond: Literary and Religious Canons in the Ancient World, Leiden: Brill 2003 .

            with H. Hilprecht †, Model Texts and Exercises from the Temple School of Nippur: BE 19. In: Archiv für Orientforschung 50 (2003/2004),  28-49.

2002     Studies in Sumerian Vocabulary: dnin-ka6; immal/šilam; and še21.d. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 54.

2001       A Multiple Month Account from the Gu'abba Rest House. Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 91, 85-109

            The Solution of the Dream: A New Interpretation of Bilgames’ Death. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 53 (2001), 133-148.

2000     Sumerian Proverbs in their Curricular Context. Journal of the American Oriental Society 120, 383-399.

            Kassite Exercises: Literary and Lexical Extracts. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 52, 67-94.

1999     LÚ gišŠÀ.TAR in Ur III. Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 19, 20.

            Reading the Signs. in H.L.J.Vanstiphout, W.J. van Bekkum, G.J.H. van Gelder, and G.J. Reinink (eds.), All Those Nations..., Cultural Encounters within and with the Near East. Groningen: Styx Publications, 161-174.

            Continuity and Change in the Mesopotamian Lexical Tradition. in B. Roest and H.L.J. Vanstiphout (eds.), Aspects of Genre and Type in Pre-Modern Literary Cultures. Groningen: Styx Publications, 101-118.

            The Poetry of Magic. In T. Abusch and K. van der Toorn (eds.), Mesopotamian Magic: Textual, Historical, and Interpretative Perspectives. Ancient Magic and Divination 1. Groningen: Styx Publications, 35-48.

            Leren Lezen en Schrijven in Nippur. Phoenix 45, 30-41.

1998     TIN.TIR = Babylon, the Question of Canonisation, and the Production of Meaning. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 50, 77-85.

            A Late Old Babylonian Proto-Kagal/Nigga Text and the Nature of the Acrographic Lexical Series. Acta Sumerologica 20, 201-216.

1997     with J. Oelsner (Jena): Ein keilschriftliches Palimpsest. Zeitschrift für Assyrio­logie 87, 219-221.

            The Sur9-priest, the Instrument gišal-gar-sur9, and the Forms and Uses of a Rare Sign.  Archiv für Orientforschung 44/45, 115-128.

1996     On Interpreting Mesopotamian Namburbi Rituals. Archiv für Orientforschung 42/43, 145-154.

            The Cuneiform Tablet as an Educational Tool. Dutch Studies on Near Ea­stern Languages and Cultures  2, 11-26.

            A Nippur Emesal Vocabulary. Acta Sumerologica 18, 229-234.

            On a Ritual for opening a Well in Šumma Alu 17 (CTN IV 156+160+161+162). Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 117, 104-105.

            The Ugarit Lexical Text RS 13.53 (PRU III, Planche X). Welt des Orients 27, 25-29.

1995     with H.L.J. Vanstiphout: tuppi ilani takaltu pirišti šamê u ersetim. Annali  55, 30-32.

1994     A Tablet Recovered and a Missing Barrel of Beer. Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 64, 55-56.

1993     An Ur III Incantation against the Bite of a Snake, a Scorpion, or a Dog. Zeit­schrift für Assyriologie 83, 161-169.

            The Fly, the Worm, and the Chain. Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica 24, 41-61.

1992     Comments on IGI-HUL. Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 43, 33-34.

1991     On the Reading of GISSU in Ophthalmological Context. Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 106, 74-76.

1990     The Heartgrass and Related Matters. Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica 21, 27-44.

1989     The New Assyrian Compendium for a Woman in Childbirth. Acta Sumerologica 11, 239-260.

1987     Geschiedenis van de Joden in Harderwijk. Studia Rosenthaliana 21, 73-92. Reprint in: Historisch Jaarboek Harderwijk 1994, 5-24.

3a. Articles in Press:

            Prestige: Cuneiform Lexical Lists in the Late Bronze Age. In:Formen von Prestige in Kulturen des Altertums. Walther Sallaberger (ed.)

            Lexical Texts, Ancient Near East. In Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Roger Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craige Champion, Andrew Erskine, and Sabine Huebner (eds.).

            Cuneiform Literacies. In Oxford Handbook of Cuneiform Cultures, Eleanor Robson and Karen Radner (eds.).

            Cuneiform. In The Shape of Script, Stephen D. Houston (ed.).

            Babylonian Scribal Culture in Assyria - Transformation by Preservation. In Theory and Practice of Knowledge Transfer, Wilfred van Soldt and Wolfert van Egmond (eds.).

4. Reviews:

2005     Markus Hilgert, Cuneiform Texts from the Ur III Period in the Oriental Institute Volume 2. Drehem Administrative Documents from the Reign of Amar-Suena. OIP 121. Chicago, IL 2003. In: Orientalia Nova Series 74 (2005), 116-119.

2002     E. Flückiger-Hawker, Urnamma of Ur in Sumerian Literary Tradition. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 166. Fribourg 1999. Journal of the American Oriental Society 122, 127-130.

            G. Cunningham, Religion and Magic. Approaches and Theories. Edinburgh 1999. In Archiv für Orientforschung 48/49 (2001/2002), 226-228.

            Petra D. Gesche, Schulunterricht in Babylonien im ersten Jahrtausend v. Chr.. Münster: Ugarit-Verlag, 2000. In: Journal of the American Oriental Society 123 (2003), 627-633.

1999     S. Parpola, The Standard Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh (State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts, Vol. 1). Helsinki 1997, Bibliotheca Orientalis 56, 388-392.

            V.A. Hurowitz, Divine Service and its Rewards. Ideology and Poetics in the Hinke Kudurru (Beer-Sheva, Vol. X). Jerusalem 1997, Bibliotheca Orientalis 56, 680-685.

1998     G. Cunningham, "Deliver Me from Evil" Mesopotamian Incantations 2500-1500 BC (Studia Pohl Series Maior 17). Rome 1997, Bibliotheca Orientalis 55, 850-852.

1997     E. Reiner, Astral Magic in Babylonia. Philadelphia 1995,  Archiv für Orient­forschung 44/45, 417-419.

            A. Cavigneaux, Uruk. Altbabylonische Texte aus dem Planquadrat Pe XVI-4/5. Nach Kopien von Adam Falkenstein. Mit einem Beitrag von Rainer Michael Boehmer (AUWE 23). Mainz 1996, Archiv für Orientforschung 44/45, 360-363.

1995     R.K. Englund and H.J. Nissen, Die lexikalischen Listen der archaischen Texte aus Uruk (ATU 3). Berlin 1993, Bibliotheca Orientalis 52, 433-440.

5.  Electronic Publications:

2006     Another Early Dynastic Incantation. In: Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin 2006:2


2004     HI-(še3) la2. In: Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin 2004:4


2003     The Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts


            Cuneiform Tablets in the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley.


            Entering the netherworld. In Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin 2003:6.


            The Sumerian Word na-IZI. In Cuneiform Digital Library Notes 2003: 002.


2001     A bal-bal-e to Nanše (Nanše B)


2000     Nanše and the Birds (Nanše C)


            A Hymn to Inana (Inana F)