Full-Stack Robotics Scientist and Engineer

Work Experience

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Scientific Researcher, UC Berkeley, 2015-present

I am currently carrying out a research project in the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab developing resilient mobile robots based on self-regeneration of damaged structures.

Programme Leader, ETH Zurich, 2009-2014

I was leading a research programme developing novel robotic technologies based on low-cost and off-the-shelf soft material i.e. hot melt adhesives. I managed a team of 15+ mechanical or electronic engineers and designed and prototyped 10+ robotic systems. Additionally, I wrote 20+ technical papers, made 10+ oral presentations, raised over USD 0.8 million grants, and organized five international conferences.

Country Manager, Mindray Medical International Limited, 2007-2008

I was responsible for sales and marketing of laboratory products, naming hematology analyzers, chemistry analyzers, and ELISA analyzers, in seven western European countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. I accomplished 150% of the annual sales target, with the peak month sales 300% of the monthly target, which earned me the Monthly Champion in the biggest Chinese medical equipment manufacturer.


Referred Journal Papers

Excluding journal papers submitted without decision or in preparation.


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Referred Conference Papers

Excluding 14 conference/workshop/seminar abstracts (refer to CV in detail)


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