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World War II Pacific Theater Case Synopses from Judge Advocate's Reviews Yokohama Class B and C War Crimes Trials
Defendant: Ando, Tetsuo, Corporal, Japanese Army, Medical Orderly at Fukuoka Branch Camp No. 23, Fukuoka, Japaan

Docket Date: 157/ May 8-9, 1947, Yokohama, Japan

Charge: Violations of the laws and customs of war: 1. Did willfully and unlawfully mistreat PWs (spec 1, 2)

Specifications:beatings using closed fists and stove poker; throwing to the ground using judo; forcing PW to stand at attention for 7 hours;

Verdict: 5 years CHL

Reviewing Authority Recommendations: Accused mistreated a PW because he had failed to comme on sick call the previous night; one another occasion, accused mistreated a PW because the PW did not agree with his opinion of a fellow PW.

Reviewing Authority: Accused denied all specifications: on one of the occasions, he became enraged and picked up a stove poker but checked himself when he realized what he was doing. Also, there was no regulation prohibiting PWs from getting on sick call in the morning the day they were to go to work. Accused never mistreated PWs.

Prosecution Arguments: There are no errors or irregularities which injuriously affect any substantial rights of the accused; there is no evidence that the accused was not sane at the alleged time of the offenses or at the time of trial. There is sufficient competent evidence in the record to support the findings and sentence of the Commission.

Defense Arguments: Paul E. Spurlock, Reviewer

Judge Advocate's Recommendations: No Comment Made

Child Testifying in Court in Manila.
Photo: U.S. Army, courtesy of Bob Harmon

The trial records of Japanese War Criminals Tried at Yokohama, Japan, between 1946 and 1949 is broken into 2 sets:

  1. 59 reels - Records of Trials and Clemency Petitions for Accused Japanese War Criminals Tried at Yokohama, Japan (1946-1948)
  2. 5 reels - Reviews of the Yokohama Class B and C war crimes Trials by the 8th Army judge Advocate (1946-1949)

The following is a summary of the corresponding case found in the latter group (5-reel set of Judge Advocate's Reviews). Analysis Prepared by Stella Lee Researcher, War Crimes Studies Center

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