2007 Photos


January Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku, Tokyo

The Mongolian-Born Yokozuna - Asashouryuu

Doya Doya Naked Festival at Shitennoji Temple, Osaka

Early Evening at Shirakawago Village

Kimono Event at Asakusa

Homeless Reading Newspaper at Asakusa


Cherry Blossom Viewing at Ueno Park

Mother & Child Taking a Closer Look at Sakura

Two Maids & One Vegita in an Otaku Hanami Group

Tokyo Tower

Temple at Kamakura

Shinto Priest in Office

Traditional Wedding Attire

Beetle Specialty Hobby Shop

Status of Liberty at Odaiba, Tokyo

Mikey's Birthday Party at Tamachi, Tokyo

War Veteran Parading with Japanese Flag at Yasukuni Shrine

Akihabara Idol

Another Akihabara Idol

Koi-Nobori (carp-like streamers) swimming at a park in Ibaraki

Lazy Cat

Harajuku Teen Blowing Bubbles

Harajuku Girls

Birdman at Lake Biwa - Success

Birdman at Lake Biwa - Failure (note the falling person)

James & Elinar's Much Delayed Wedding

Mikey's Energetic Tennis at Nasu

Senkou Hanabi Fireworks

Bicyling in Karuizawa

Zen Garden

Konpon Daito (Pagoda) at Koya-san

Group of Hosts at Shibuya, Tokyo

Host Advertisements at Kabuki-cho, Tokyo

OISP Reunion at Imperial Palace, Tokyo

3-day old Sakura-chan

Real Geisha at Kyoto

Fake Geisha at Arashiyama

Kingaku-ji, Kyoto

Red Parasol

Girl Dressed up for 753 at Heian Shrine, Kyoto

Tokyo Women's Marathon

Shinkai Section Chief Performs Enka

Corning Year-End Party at Kakegawa


Mother & Child at Otavalo Market

Guayasamin Painting at Fundacion Guayasamin, Quito

Lake Quilotoa

Children Shepherds in Latacunga Countryside

Roof-top Train Ride to El Nariz del Diablo (Devil's Nose)


Small Giant Turtles

Closeup of Giant Turtle

Flamingo Lagoon

Equator Weather Penguins!



Ladies Reading Buddhist Scriptures

Dogs Hanging Out at Subway Station Entrance

Yi-san's Parrot


Noodles at Chinatown

Flowers Bloom Year-Round in this Tropical Weather

Passionate People in Little India???

Merlion Statues


Terraced Rice Fields of Jatilwih

Farmer Leading the Cows

Yukako Teaching Japanese to kids at Elementary School

Purification at Tirta Empul, the Temple of the Holy Water

Mask Dance

Bali People Praying in Unison to Hindu Gods

Mask Dance

Female Ceremonial Dance at Temple

Moments Before the Start of a Chicken Fight

Dayu & Her Relatives

Hanging Out with Yukako's Host Family


Barang, the Dragon-like Creature

Crazy Suicidal Dance

Jokester in a Play

Fire-Breathing King

Enthusiastic Children

Local Fishing Tournament


Butcher at Work

Raymond, Karen & the Bride's Maid

The Groom's Mom's High Spirits are reflected

The Bride Groom looks through wedding photo album


Victory in the Coloseum

Intimate Couple in Front of Fountain di Trevi

Nun at Altar, Vatican City


Lisbon Arch

Igreja da Graca, Lisbon

Family Photo at Belem Tower

Aqueduto Das Aguas Livres, Lisbon


Grand Bus Terminal, Lisbon

Palacio Pena, Sintra

Old Man Sharpening a Knife

Inside Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos, Belem

Skeleton Walls of Capela Dos Ossos, Evora

Christmas Time at Evora


Christopher Columbus Tomb at Sevilla Cathedral

World at the Hands of the Spanish Conquistidor

Plaza de Espana Left Side

Plaza de Espana Right Side

Renacting the Background Mural

Floating Flowers at the Jewish Museum, Sevilla

Alcatraz, Cordoba

Old Mill, Cordoba


Eunice & Tom as Bull & Matador at Plaza de Toros (Take 3), Ronda

Bridge at the Cliff-high Countryside Town of Ronda

Grandmother & Grandchildren, Ronda

Alhambra, Granada

Youths and Dogs of Granada

Bull Sillouette

Tom in Gilbraltar at Night (with flashlight aimed at face)

2008's First Dawn

Warren in Gilbraltar at Day

Drunk Party-goers after a New Year's Eve in Algericas


Donkey Delivery Service in Souk, Fes

Mosque Entrance

Tanneries for Dyeing Leather, Fes

Roman Ruins of Volubis

Strolling through the Town of Moulay Idriss

Moroccan Food

Lady Walking by Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

Colorful Herbs & Spices

Walking in Ali ben Youssef Medersa, Marrakesh

Sunset Approaches for the Marketplace at Ali ben Youssef Medersa

Marketplace at Ali ben Youssef Medersa

Performers of Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakesh

Stained Glass at Palais de la Bahia

Marrakesh Souk

Jewish Cemetary

Soccer Kids in the Countryside

Well-Defined Sand Lines of Merzouga

Tour Guide Leading the Camels at Merzouga

Camel Silhoutte at Merzouga

Merzouga Sandhills

Tom, Betty & Warren, the Camel Riders

Merzouga Desert

Goat Shelter

Ice-Capped Mountains of Torda Gorge

Residents of the Mountain Hills

Torda Gorge Valley

Dinner with a Family at Tinehir

Ai Benhaddou

Egyptian Film Set at Atlas Film Studio, Ouarzazatte


El Jem Coloseum

Official Propaganda Poster of the Leader of Tunisia

Spice Market

SUV Tour through the Desert of Dir Soltane

Ksar Hadada, where graneries are converted to Star Wars Phantom Menace film set

Ksar Ouled Soltane

Hotel Sid Driss, Location of Star Wars Desert Planet Pub

Hollywood-Style Matmata Sign

Vegetable Market at Kairouan

Bi'r Baruta, a well with a blindfolded camel, in Kairouan

Carpet Shop at Kairouan

Female Drummer in Parade at Kairouan

Large Arabic Tablet

Children Playing Outside

Traditional & Modern Enjoying Afternoon Coffee

Clock Tower at Tunis

Greek (or Roman) Relics at Bardo Museum, Tunis

Big Foot at Bardo Museum, Tunis

Inside the Tunis Tram

Happy Parking Lot Attendant jumping into the photo

Ports Puniques, Carthage

Musee Paleochretien, Carthage

L'Acropolium (ex Saint Louis Cathedral), Carthage

Roman Antonine Baths, Carthage

Roman Antonine Baths, Carthage

New Carthage Mosque

Palm Tree Sunset at Sidi Bou Said

Sunset at Sidi Bou Said

Shipdock at Sidi Bou Said

Clock Tower at Night, Tunis

Hammam (Turkish Bath), Tunis

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