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In which Devesh explains how to use his campaign website,
so people don't get paranoid.

authentication Your password is encrypted before it is stored in the database; however, it is not encrypted before it is sent over the network to ucsee.eecs. This is normal. Also, when you register a new account, it will not ask for any more information. Long forms are annoying to fill in and even more annoying to make.
suggestions Putting HTML in the suggestions fields is futile. You may use BBcode. Also, try to make your short description descriptive because each short description should be unique (otherwise it will not get added). You must be signed in to add a suggestion or vote!

When/if I accept your suggestion, the voting box for it will turn green. If I think your idea is really dumb, the voting box will become red.
comments No HTML here either, you vandal! Use BBcode! You must be signed in to make a comment!

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