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Mar 4th, 2024, 7:35am

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 1   riddles / what am i / Mystery of a Sphere  Feb 23rd, 2024, 1:43pm 
Started by alien2 | Last post by alien2
A sphere inside a large circle;
The beginning of triumph or defeat.
At the end of borrowed time
Twenty warriors will have wounded feet.
Who/What am I?
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 2   riddles / easy / Re: Geometric puzzle, two triangles  Feb 18th, 2024, 5:55am 
Started by rmsgrey | Last post by rmsgrey
on Feb 17th, 2024, 10:13am, Grimbal wrote:
Now that I think of it, The blue triangle and the red triangle below are the same, just rotated 60°.
Now the problem is that my first answer would imply an angle of 120° (1/3 of 360°).  The second answer says it is 60°.  So which one is it?  And where did I go wrong?

This is the proof I came up with.
The 60 degrees is the angle to the side of the intersection (the space you rotated the line through), which makes the angle above the intersection 180-60=120.
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 3   riddles / easy / Re: Superduck; or, Superman  Feb 11th, 2024, 10:54am 
Started by alien2 | Last post by alien2
on Feb 11th, 2024, 10:39am, Grimbal wrote:
1. A duck is not a chick.

But maybe the silly hunter doesn't know that. Or she is Scottish and her surname is Duck.
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 4   riddles / easy / Symbol  Jan 25th, 2024, 5:06am 
Started by alien2 | Last post by alien2
   You wake up alone in a brightly illuminated white room, no clues whatsoever as to how you got there, except for a white oak flooring, with no windows, and one yellow door with no lock or door-knob. The milky white walls, that are out of the same material (and color) as the ceiling, feel like marble to the touch. You try to open the door, but to no avail. It is firmly closed.  
    When you press a mysteriously phallic protuberance, one out of four altogether, which suddenly appear on one wall, popping one by one, a malted milk tablet materializes from the same wall, two meters away from where you’re standing, and falls on the floor, a meter from the wall, setting in motion a genuinely bizarre chain of events. You press the very same mysteriously phallic protuberance, just to be sure, and another malted milk tablet falls on the same spot on the floor. Well, now at least you know that you won't starve to death, since this room is similar to a holodeck, or a giant replicator. You’re not very hungry at the moment, which is perfectly understandable, to lose your appetite considering the circumstances, though you didn’t have your breakfast yet.  
    So you decide to press another phallic protuberance, yet hardly at ease, neither w/o anxiety nor even w/o great fear. A toothbrush materializes, that is to say, it falls out of the wall on the other side of the room, so that the little hole or opening in the wall is only temporary and it lasts a few seconds. The toothbrush clatters to the floor. Well, it appears you won’t lose your teeth either, which can only be considered as good news. But you haven’t eaten yet, and you’re still anxious, trying not to panic, so you decide not to brush your teeth at the moment. It appears, we all have our bad habits.  
    You decide to press the 3rd phallic protuberance. It is then when an ordinary broom is released from an adjacent wall. If anything, and if you agree that cleanliness is next to godliness, this room won’t be a mess.  
    Lastly, you decide to press the 4th and final phallic protuberance. It is then when the door across opens pretty slowly, by making an eerie creaking sound. But it remains open for exactly three seconds before it closes abruptly and with a slam. You try several more times, by pressing the 4th phallic protuberance, apparently, the most important one, in order to try to escape the room, slowly starting to panic, running like a bat out of hell each time. But to no avail, since the door always closes in front of your nose, always lacking at least one more step. It is obvious that you are no Usain Bolt, unless, of course, you are, to whom this would be a piece of cake. But even if you were this sprinter, the cubic room would then be somewhat bigger and even you wouldn’t be able to leave the room by sprinting.  
    You start to despair and slowly lose hope, occasionally comforting yourself with a malted milk tablet, since it is better to be angry, fretting etc. on a full stomach, and, of course, you need all the energy you can muster if you insist on trying to somehow leave this accursed room. Being an imprisoned man, you’re engaged in absurd and hilarious attempts to escape the gleaming room, and objects at your disposal, which can be replicated as many times as you wish (even though the room is hardly the Kalpavriksha, because of the stated parameters), might just be the keys to your escape. Yes, there is a way to escape. Happy puzzling!  
P.S. Inspired by the film “Symbol” (2009).  
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 5   riddles / easy / Re: The Spider-Man of Paris  Jan 17th, 2024, 7:54am 
Started by alien2 | Last post by rmsgrey
For the third variation, your expected return from taking 6 paintings is always the same, so, if you're just concerned with the monetary return, the only question is how risk-averse or risk-seeking you are. If you're risk-averse, taking 3 of each type guarantees a 3-painting payout; if you're risk-seeking, taking 6 and 0 gives you either all or nothing.
You can get more interesting by delving into utility curves - if, rather than 2 paintings being twice as valuable to you as 1, 3 paintings being triple, and so on, if you instead have some other relative values for different numbers of paintings, then that changes your expected value for various strategies.
You have four options, each of which gives you a 50% chance of each of two possible outcomes - taking all the paintings from one set gives you 0 or 6; taking five from one and one from the other gives you 1 or 5; taking four and two gives you 2 or 4; and taking three of each gives you 3 or 3, which is just a guaranteed 3. Whichever pair gives you the highest total utility across the two possibilities would be your personal best pick.
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 6   riddles / easy / Re: Tempus fugit, riddles and beyond  Dec 25th, 2023, 10:32am 
Started by alien2 | Last post by alien2
Merry Christmas!  
And for 3, yes, you can play with watches.
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 7   riddles / hard / Re: power of 3 close to power of 2  Nov 13th, 2023, 10:10am 
Started by jollytall | Last post by jollytall
If I remember well, I proved few month ago that indeed this aL is the best sequence, but that was never validated by anyone.
Nonetheless, I am more interested in the smallest absolute difference (i.e. not ratio) between 3^n and 2^m, where 2^m > 3^n.
I came up with a related question to prove:
2^m - 3^n > 2^(m-n) if 2^m > 3^n > 3.
With other words, if we write 3^n in base 2 then the first (i.e. highest value) n bits have at least one 0 among them.
Yet with other words, we proved earlier that 3^n/2^m > 1-e can be solved for any e, but even that solution is not that close, i.e.
3^n/2^m < 1-2^-n
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 8   riddles / what am i / Re: Diet?  Nov 10th, 2023, 6:51am 
Started by alien2 | Last post by alien2
Meh, the answer is probably silly (SPOILER): the positions of the big hand (the minute hand) and the small hand (the hour hand) at 6:00, 18:00, 12:00 and 24:00.
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 9   riddles / what am i / Re: Leather Cracked  Oct 30th, 2023, 5:21am 
Started by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | Last post by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
No, but thanks for trying, and please try again!
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 10   riddles / hard / Re: Identify your favourite childhood games  Jul 9th, 2023, 8:42am 
Started by livinggod29 | Last post by rmsgrey
Here are my answers. Number 1, I'm not certain about, and 5 and 14 I have no idea on.
1 Blob Tag?
2 Musical Chairs
3 Hide and Seek
4 Hopscotch
5 Huh
6 Grandma's Footsteps
7 Simon Says
8 Marbles
9 Leapfrog
10 Sack Race
11 The Floor is Lava
12 Cops and Robbers
13 I Spy
14 Huh
15 Tug of War
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