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(Message started by: alien2 on Mar 16th, 2019, 7:21pm)

Title: Rubik’s cube II
Post by alien2 on Mar 16th, 2019, 7:21pm
You wake up inside a red room. You hear a deep voice: "You are trapped inside one of the 27 cubes of a Rubik's cube. In order for me to let you go, you must tell me in which cube you are currently in. The only hint I'll convey to you is that there is a way to assert the only acceptable answer." What would you assert?

Title: Re: Rubik’s cube II
Post by towr on Mar 17th, 2019, 3:26am
[hide]This one *points to floor*[/hide]

Title: Re: Rubik’s cube II
Post by alien2 on Mar 17th, 2019, 8:12am
Whatever do you mean? Condor has landed?

Aside for our appreciation for riddles, I might not be able to send some more, unless, you HELP ME! with my computer, considering smart folks around here. I asked for help on Microsoft community, but I guess I need a bit of reassurance from You. CPU fan, most probably, is making pretty loud car engine noise usually when I start an application and at times during using ANY application, like Google Chrome or Word (I don't use hungry programs, aside for VERY seldom a video file). And, Kaspersky: when I was scanning my computer, full scan, the noise was real loud all the time during scan! stopping immediately at the end of the scan. Is this normal, since the fan is obviously spinning, or not quite? And this is happening for about several months after replacing motherboard AND also connecting casing fan to the motherboard (before it was connected to PSU). Help!

Title: Re: Rubik’s cube II
Post by towr on Mar 17th, 2019, 2:12pm
If scanning causes your computer to make noises, I would guess it's the hard-drive, because scanning is much more read-intensive than CPU-intensive.
There are programs to help check your hard-drive's health, but if you're not very technical it's difficult to make sense of what they say (I have enough trouble myself). It's not necessarily a problem if your hard-drive makes noise, but if it didn't before than it might be. Be sure to make backups of anything important (which is always a good idea, but especially so if you're not sure about how reliable your hard-drive still is)

One thing you can do is check for disk fragmentation. Press the window button and then type "defrag", and start the program that shows up (Disk Defragmenter). Then analyze your hard-drives to see if they're highly fragmented. If they're fragmented, that might be a reason why your hard-drive is very busy when trying to read data (because it means it needs to look all over the disk to find all the pieces of the files.)

Another thing you could do, is open up the casing (when it's turned off and disconnected), then connect it and turn it on, run kaspersky and listen very careful were the noise comes from. That way you might be able to tell with more certainty whether it comes from any of the fans, or from the hard-disk.
You could also try taping the sound, and share it, so we can listen to the sound.

Title: Re: Rubik’s cube II
Post by alien2 on Mar 21st, 2019, 9:23pm
I am sick so I have no strength to open the casing. But, I have SSD that has no moving parts so I doubt that SSD is making the noise. I have a feeling that molex jack of casing fan is to close to the heatsink, that is to say, to the CPU fan. Is it at all possible that the molex proximity is making CPU fan to make noise, which was really loud during Kaspersky scan?! Perhaps I should choose STANDARD option for CPU fan, even though I cannot tell in BIOS whether or not it is already enabled (I'm pretty dumb). Someone suggested that I plug casing fan to PSU where it was plugged before when there was no noise. So much from me for now. I am going back to the bed.

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