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Feb 27th, 2024, 9:11pm

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   Jesus’ mission was incomplete: proof or guess?
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Jesus’ mission was incomplete: proof or guess?  
« on: May 7th, 2017, 7:27am »
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Jesus experienced all what a man can experience, excepting - worldly love, forwhy otherwise he’d commit the original sin, whose vicious circle he did not want to repeat himself, as if w/o it there would be people to greet him back then when he was born in Bethlehem; forwhy w/o worldly love, which Jesus dismissed out of that, procreation would suffer tremendously, in turn, Adam and Eva would still be alive, rather than us, numerous people, for in his perfect world, Eva would NOT eat the apple, with her bite being catalyst for creation of all nations and diversity likewise technocracy and progress, for her bite was true creationism that created USA and all other countries. And so we MUST be grateful to the snake who convinced Eva, forwhy w/o it, the Garden of Eden would still exist today, and there’d be no Netherlands and towr. This means that his mission was and will remain incomplete, for he never truly realized entirely what it is like to be a man for whom he died - - - for nothing? It appears, he undermined OUR love emphasizing HIS love only, which, btw, does not belong to THIS world, not in the slightest; and it seems obvious he does not like our world very much, and why would he? If somebody crucified me, I wouldn’t be all too happy about it. As per sacraments and so-called holy secrets, why even consider them if there is no way not one of us could ever understand them? This concerns chauvinism and selfishness and all-knowingness and, of course, our utter dumbness, for no man could EVER understand God. So why even bother? In fact, he didn’t even really love his worldly mother, whose value he diminished by saying as he was dying on the cross, I quote: “Woman, behold, your son!” as if he WASN’T her son and, well, it sure looks as if he wasn’t, if you know what I mean. Either you love your imperfect mother AND her worldly love, or else you despise Earth as if you were some alien from Mars, who dismisses tears of his own mother as if they mean nothing at all when compared to tears of heaven, if there are tears in heaven to begin with, rather than sappy hippies who experience nothing but love, but different kind of love because you get lobotomized in heaven. So, our love means nothing in the eyes of our Lord. Am I right?  
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