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Recently, many English-reading emulation gamers have been having great difficulty finding ROMs. mame.dk, once the definitive source for ROMs, closed down earlier this year. However, many of the best video game emulation websites are still out there, but they're written in Chinese. To assist you in deciphering them, here are the most important words in the Chinese language.

- W.Wu, 6/15/2002 10:28PM


If you are unable to properly view any Chinese characters (e.g., you just see stuff like @#!*$`&6f%), then you need to download a Chinese language pack from one of the sites below. Please e-mail me if you are having problems; I would like to make this site accessible to as many people as possible.

Characters Pinyin (download .wav) English
dian4nao3 computer
xia4zai download
dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 e-mail
dian4 zi3 you2 di4 di4 zhi3 e-mail address
mo2fang3qi4, fang3zhen1qi4 emulator
lian2jie1, lian4jie1 link
wei2 du2 ji4 yi4 ti1 ROM (read-only memory)
jie3ya1 unzip
wang2zhan4 website
yi3ya1suo1dang3 zip file
十三三十七 駭客 shi2san1 san1shi2qi1 hai4ke4 1337 h4x0r!

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