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course description professor school year
ee20n signals and systems Lee, Edward Berkeley 1999 fall
ee40n circuit analysis and semiconductors Oldham, William Berkeley 2000 fall
ee105 microelectronic devices and circuits Neureuther, Andy Berkeley 2001 spring
ee120 signals and systems Fearing, Ronald Berkeley 2001 fall
eecs150 digital logic design Subramanian, Vivek Berkeley 2001 fall
ee145b medical image processing Majmudar; Saloner Berkeley 2002 spring
ee123 digital signal processing Ramchandran, Kannan Berkeley 2002 fall
ee126 probability and random processes Messerschmitt, D.; Tse, D.; Anantharam, V. Berkeley 2002 fall
ee121 digital communication systems Tse, David Berkeley 2003 spring
ee261 fourier transform and its applications Osgood, Brad Stanford 2003 fall
ee263 linear dynamical systems Boyd, Stephen Stanford 2003 fall
ee278 statistical signal processing Gill, John T. Stanford 2003 fall
ee376a information theory I Cover, Thomas Stanford 2003 winter
ee368 digital image processing Girod, Bernd Stanford 2004 spring
e205 introduction to control design techniques Tomlin, Claire Stanford 2004 fall
ee359 wireless communications I Goldsmith, Andrea Stanford 2004 fall
ee141 engineering electromagnetics Inan, Umran Stanford 2004 fall
e209a analysis and control of nonlinear systems Tomlin, Claire Stanford 2004 winter
ee379a digital communication I Cioffi, John Stanford 2004 winter
ee364 convex optimization Boyd, Stephen Stanford 2005 spring
ee379c digital communication III Cioffi, John Stanford 2005 spring
ee376b information theory II Cover, Thomas Stanford 2005 spring
ee387 error-correcting codes Gill, John T. Stanford 05-06 spring
ee478 network information theory El Gamal, Abbas Stanford 06-07 autumn
ee364b convex optimization II Boyd, Stephen Stanford 07-08 spring
ee292e analysis and control of markov chains (dynamic programming) Van Roy, Benjamin Stanford 07-08 spring

course description professor school year
cis22 introduction to C programming Marshall, Brian SCC 1998 fall
cis20 assembly programming (x86) Marshall, Brian SCC 1999 spring
cs61A structure & interpretation of computer programs Harvey, Brian Berkeley 1999 fall
cs61B data structures and algorithms Shewchuk, Jonathan Berkeley 2000 spring
cs61C machine structures Patterson, David Berkeley 2000 fall
eecs150 digital logic design Subramanian, Vivek Berkeley 2001 fall
cs162 operating systems & system programming Joseph, Anthony Berkeley 2001 spring
cs170 efficient algorithms and intractable problems Rao, Satish Berkeley 2002 spring
cs174 randomized algorithms & discrete probability Karp, Richard Berkeley 2002 fall
cs172 computability and complexity theory Sinclair, Alistair Berkeley 2003 spring
cs255 introduction to cryptography Boneh, Dan Stanford 2003 winter
cs199p webworks : teaching web design Young Stanford 2005 spring

course description professor school year
math1b second semester calculus (staff) Berkeley 1999 summer
math53 multivariable calculus Frenkel, Edward Berkeley 1999 fall
math54 linear algebra and differential equations Ogus, Arthur Berkeley 2000 spring
math55 discrete mathematics Demmel, James Berkeley 2000 fall
math109 applied group theory Brubaker, Ben Stanford 2003 winter
stat376a information theory I Cover, Thomas Stanford 2003 winter
math171 honors real analysis Stacey, Andrew Stanford 2004 spring
stat200 introduction to statistical inference Kou, Samuel Stanford 2004 summer
stat217 stochastic processes I Romano, Joseph Stanford 2004 winter
stat218 stochastic processes II Siegmund, David Stanford 2005 spring
stat376b information theory II Cover, Thomas Stanford 2005 spring
math106 complex analysis Brumfiel, Gregory Stanford 2005 summer
math156 representation theory of finite groups Thiem, Nathaniel Stanford 2005 fall
math205a measure theory and lebesgue integration White, Brian Stanford 2005 fall
stat366 computational biology Holmes, Susan Stanford 2005 fall
stat310a theory of probability I Dembo, Amir Stanford 2005 fall
stat310b theory of probability II Dembo, Amir Stanford 2005 winter
math205b functional analysis Mazzeo, Rafe Stanford 2005 Winter
math266 computational signal processing and wavelets Levy, Doron Stanford 06-07 winter
math120 abstract algebra I Cohen, Ralph Stanford 06-07 spring
stat243 introduction to mathematical finance Toussaint, Antoine Stanford 07-08 summer
math110 applied number theory and field theory Lucianovic, Mark Stanford 08-09 spring

course description professor school year
phy7a mechanics and wave motion Dalven, Richard Berkeley 1999 summer
phy7b heat and electromagnetism Clarke, John Berkeley 1999 fall
phy7c optics, relativity, quantum mechanics Dalven, Richard Berkeley 2000 fall
ee141 engineering electromagnetics Inan, Umran Stanford 2004 fall

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