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Download GRE Word List. GRE Essential Vocabulary List, 1162 words.
(.xls, 127 KB)
Download MAME32K v.0.64. Hacked MAME32K v.0.64 with Kaillera support.
(.zip, 3.2 MB)
Download neo geo bios. Neo-Geo BIOS. (Place in roms directory)
(.zip, 56 KB)
Download ZSNES. ZSNES Super Nintendo emulator for Windows, version 1.42.
(.zip, 639 KB)
Download Tetris & Dr. Mario. Tetris + Dr. Mario ROM for SNES emulator.
(.zip, 228 KB)
Download Super Metroid. Super Metroid ROM for SNES emulator; best video game ever made.
(.zip, 1.53 MB)
Download Jin freestyle video on BET, week 7.
Jin (Azn rapper) on BET Freestyle Friday, week 7, video.
(.wmv, 8.7 MB)
(Jin battles the wackest guy on earth)
Download the 20 dollar sack pyramid. Dr. Dre : The Chronic : The $20 Sack Pyramid.
(.mp3, 2.7 MB)
Download MC Hawking. MC Hawking : QuakeMaster.
(.mp3, 3.14 MB)
Download Eminem: The Kids. Eminem : The Kids.
(.mp3, 7.11 MB)
Download Shannon juggling. Rare video of the late Claude Shannon (1916-2001) juggling balls and demonstrating his juggling machines.
After founding information theory in 1948, he devoted considerable time to such whimsical endeavors.
(.mov, 6.09 MB)
Download Oompa Loompa. The wittiest anti-Stanford song ever.
(.mp3, 4.2 MB)
Download Caltech Girl. Caltech Girl ... she's been living in her Caltech world ...
(.mp3, 2.6 MB)
Download UNSF. Keep your butt in school.
(.avi, 15.5 MB)
Download Steve Ballmer developers rant. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "Developers, developers, developers, developers!"
(.mpg, 1.6 MB)
Download Steve Ballmer monkey dance. The infamous Ballmer monkey dance!
(.avi, 6.7 MB)
Download Steve Ballmer Windows 1.0 Commercial. Steve Ballmer pitches Windows 1.0!
(.wmv, 850 KB)
Download Mandelbrot tutorial. Introduction to the Mandelbrot Set, by XaoS
(.mpg, 4.9 MB)
Download Julia Set tutorial. Introduction to the Julia Set, by XaoS
(.mpg, 2.8 MB)
Family Guy Binary Code. Family Guy: Binary Code
(.avi, 2.66 MB)
Download Julia Set tutorial. Family Guy : Eminem and 50 Cent
(.wmv, 3.6 MB)
Bubb rubb. Bubb Rubb
(.wmv, 3.9 MB)
She Bangs. William Hung : She Bangs!
(.wmv, 2.7 MB)

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