From: on behalf of Jane Chen []
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 8:52 PM
To: TBP Members
Subject: REMINDER: TBP T-shirt Contest
Dear Members of Tau Beta Pi,
The Engineering Honor Society:
Welcome back to Cal, at the start of the brand new
fall semester 2002.
As many of you might have noticed,  there hasn't been
any new design of the official TBP T-shirt for years.
It's time for a CHANGE!
We proudly Present:
The Official TBP T-Shirt
We encourage all members to submit YOUR vision of TBP T-shirt.
For the first time, we will be making T-shirts AND tanktops (for the ladies)!
So come on, all Boys AND Girls! Let's make this something we enjoy wearing.
Design Details (suggestions):
Small Front Design ~ 3"x3" in size
Big Back Design ~ up to 8"x8"
HOW to submit:
Email the finished design in *.jpg/*.gif format to
All submitted designs will be reviewed and voted on by all of our officers.
Deadline for submitting Design:
Friday, September 27th (by email).
You can also bring your design to the First Members Meeting on Thur Sept 26th, and submit it to any TBP officer.
The Winner of the Contest will receive a FREE t-shirt/tanktop by his/her preference.
-Sept 26, @6pm in the Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall-
Questions? email
Contest Hosted by Tau Beta Pi