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tau beta pi t-shirt
front design 3'' by 3''
( color changeable by request )

	description:	a friendly new tau beta pi t-shirt design
	method: 	photoshop 6.0
	time: 		5 hours
	motivation: 	official tbp t-shirt design contest
	comments:	you know you want to wear it.
back designs 8'' by 8''
smoo (1:43:58 AM): yoh foo
wu-tang (1:44:06 AM): wassup
wu-tang (1:44:25 AM)
: how's life
wu-tang (1:46:23 AM)
: sounds interesting
wu-tang (1:47:05 AM)
: i made a dope t-shirt this morning check it out
wu-tang (1:47:10 AM): http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~wwu/graphics/tbp-t-shirt.shtml
wu-tang (1:47:25 AM): yea i know you want one
smoo (1:47:48 AM)
: honorz society?
smoo (1:48:09 AM): it took you 5 hrs to come up with that?
wu-tang (1:48:12 AM): lol
wu-tang (1:48:48 AM)
: what're you talking about
wu-tang (1:48:54 AM)
: this is the best t-shirt ever
smoo (1:48:58 AM)
: you'd actually wear that thing?
wu-tang (1:49:02 AM): oh yesh
smoo (1:49:25 AM)
: you are a weirdo, dude
wu-tang (1:49:35 AM): well unless i was going to office hours or something
smoo (1:52:23 AM)
: what do their tshirts look like now?
wu-tang (1:52:36 AM): i have no idea
wu-tang (1:52:42 AM)
: but it's gotta suck compared to this
smoo (1:52:50 AM)
: actually it prolly does
wu-tang (1:54:04 AM): i dunno if they'll print all this cursing though

Update 11/1/2002 6:14AM: The following e-mails, linked here for your reference, state that winners of the Tau Beta Pi t-shirt design contest are entitled to a FREE t-shirt/tanktop by his/her preference. I have won the contest by default, but have not received any notification to receive my prize. My e-mail inquiries have been responded to with silent treatment.

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I think I'm entitled to a shirt! Sign petition: click here

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