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.// talks and articles
author talk (click to see) place and time
richard hamming "You and Your Research" bell communications research colloquium seminar, 7 mar 1986
herbert wilf "Self-Esteem In Mathematicians" college mathematics journal, vol 21, issue 4, sep 1990
mor harchol-balter "Applying to Ph.D. Programs In Computer Science" advice from member of admissions at CMU, UCB, and MIT; 2003

.// recommended
author title completion date
sherman stein mathematics: the man-made universe 95% 9/1/2003
graham and knuth concrete mathematics 7/2008
t.w. korner fourier analysis 7/2008
kenneth rosen discrete mathematics and its applications (4th ed.) 90% 12/2000
gilbert strang linear algebra and its applications 80% 11/2004
gregory f. lawler introduction to stochastic processes 50% 8/2004
m.a. armstrong groups and symmetry 75% 8/2004
d. bertsekas and j. tsitsiklis introduction to probability 40% 12/2002
charles chapman pugh real mathematical analysis 50% 6/2004
h.m. schey div grad curl and all that 95% 1/2005
douglas hofstaeder godel, escher, bach: an eternal golden braid 50% 2000
ralph ellison invisible man 100% 1995, 1999
richard wright native son 100% 1998
george orwell animal farm 100% long time ago
howard zinn a people's history of the united states 50% 6/1998
elliot aronson, et al social psychology (4th ed.) 90% 8/2002
michael sipser introduction to the theory of computation 70% 6/2003

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