Low-Light Tone Mapper

Plug-in for GIMP

written by Yeon Jin Lee


This plugin adjusts the colors in an image to convey the impression of a low-light scene.  The effect is computed using perceptually-based tone mapping and artistic control is afforded by modifying the algorithm's parameters.

Our tone mapping algorithm is based on the SIGGRAPH 2011 paper, “Perceptually Based Tone Mapping for Low-Light Conditions” by Adam Kirk and James F. O’Brien.

Please see the install page for the source code and instructions on how to install the plug-in on your machine.

Download the source code:




Low-Light Tone Mapper Plug-in for Gimp

Contact for Questions:

Yeon Jin (Grace) Lee


Last Updated: April 2012

This project is released under GNU General Public License. For questions regarding licensing the software, contact James F. O’Brien at job (at) berkeley (dot) edu