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Berkeley gEE/CS - People I've met in my EE/CS classes

Gary H.
I first met Gary in the dorms, but it wasn't I was in some cs classes with him that I really got to know him. After taking two project classes with him, we've spent more nights goofing around in Soda Hall than I care to count. I can always rely on him to bring in some cool cd's or stockpile food or what not. I keep telling him not to get drunk or stoned in Soda, but he claims it helps him to program better... go figure.
Home page: http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~garyh

Jen H.
The very first person I met in my Berkeley classes. In fact, it was in the very first class I took at Berkeley, although it wasn't until we met at advising session that we knew we were in the same class together. Since then she's followed me from class to class, but that's cool, as long as she helps me out with homework.
Home page: http://www.cjas.org/~smoo

Joy H.
I first met her in CS lab. She was working on some project for CS class (kind of obvious huh?). Later I found out she is also a proficient singer, and she is in several campus (and off campus as well) choirs. She is going to law school after graduation.
Home page: http://cafe.berkeley.edu/~jhuang

David L.
I'd bump into him twice a year in high school, without fail, at the semi annual chess tournaments. We always talked, and we'd play a few friendly games but that was that. Then I bumped into him at CalSO, and it was, hey, I've seen you before! He's now one of the EECS honor society officers.
Home page: http://hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu/~dlau

Jasmine L.
She's in Theater Rice. Ok, that's not how I met her, but I figured I'd debunk the claim that people who take CS classes have no time or life to do anything else. We were in the same project group for computer graphics, and I guess three straight days of no sleep, hacking away in the computer lab, really lets you see what people are really like... hehe. She's cool though.
Home page: http://www.geocities.com/jazzyjas7

Yanting L.
I first met her through a friend in my class. Turns out, she had already heard of me! It was through her friend's mom's friend or something (in other words, it was too complicated for me to understand), but after I got over the creepiness of that weird stalking she's actually fun to hang out with. We used to hang out in the Cory lounge and pretend to do homework but in reality we were goofing around. Oh yeah, and this girl loves to party and drink, but still she claims she studies a lot too. Interesting...
Home page: http://www.xanga.com/sillybear83

Amy M.
I've only met her a few times, and every time it was always Soda or Davis Hall, two of the engineering labs on campus. We talk fairly frequently online though; in fact, she may be one of the few people who is online more than I am. Anyway she is really into Hong Kong pop culture, and keeps me updated on the lastest music releases, gossip, etc.
Home page: None

William W.
Another project partner from the good old project days. I thought he was hard core, until I realized he hadn't moved a Linux kernel to another hard drive in his high school days like this other guy. And then I realized he wasn't so hard core after all, even though he would work on his projects at all hours of the day. He is currently involved in some interesting research with acoustics.
Home page: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~wwu

Work - Both coworkers and students

Chris (Kelly) C.
I met him while working in the self paced center. He sings in his spare time (not in Chinese, but hey, you can't have everything). Nowadays he's found a new home working at eBay. Anyway, I thought I'd just help out a friend, and if you are single and nice and cute (and a girl), check out his web page and talk to him. In fact, check out his web page anyway, especially his 'rants' section. It's hilarious.
Home page: http://www.ckcheng.com

Joyce F.
She claims she doesn't like the computer labs, but I see her socializing in there all the time. Actually, it was only like once or twice, but I still like to tease her about it. Anyway, she is another one of the self paced center tutors.
Home page: None

Michelle K.
A friend I met through tutoring. We hung out a lot over the summer, when I was in Berkeley and she was working in one of the residence hall computing centers. She likes to party, but when it really comes down to crunch time she's a mad studyaholic. Hey, work hard, play hard, as they say.
Home page: None

Will L.
One of my co workers from the residence halls, although not the same job. We first got to know each other when we were just hanging out at work, and discovered we had a similar passion for Chinese music and karaoke. Since then, we've gone singing together, as well as a weekend trip to Reno for some gambling and games. He is currently the Computing Center Supervisor at Unit 2.
Home page: None

Kevin T.
One of the self paced center tutors. We got to know each other pretty well, since we were the only ones who ever worked before 11am, for the most part. Since students dno't like to come in that early either, we would try to finish the crossword in the Daily Cal.
Home page: http://www.geocities.com/lattiz

David T.
We actually met tutoring at unit 3, and we used to give review sessions together. How nerdy is that huh? Actually though, we found out we had a lot of common interests, and eventually he was the one who suckered me into joining TSA. Now we often hang out by shooting pool, singing karaoke, and checking out the girls in those respective places... ok, just kidding about the last part... at least, most of the time...
Home page: None

Tina Z.
Tina is the girl who first set me on the road to Asianness. She moved here when she was only 8, but she is more Asian than just about everyone else I know. I first met her at tutoring, where she complained that I never gave her the answers, but that doesn't seem to have hurt our friendship at all. Once in a while, when we both get a chance, we like to go hang out and indulge in some good old fashioned singing at the karaoke place.
Home page: http://www.freewebz.com/kewpie27

Dorm buddies

Landra C.
Interestingly enough, I only met Landra once or twice in class (in a small seminar) before she dropped it. Well, about halfway through the semester, I decided to drop her an email, and the rest is history. Actually, I already knew about four or five people on her dorm floor, strangely enough. Anyway, she is also from the South Bay, so once in a while we hang out over break.
Home page: None

Wendy C.
She was already at Berkeley, but I didn't meet her there. Well, I did, but it was through the 600 miles of San Diego. I was talking with my close friend down at UCSD, and her close friend happened to have another close friend who attended Berkeley. And in the same dorm even - how strange is that? Anyway, that is how we meet... crossing down and back up California to finally end up 200 feet away. She is a music major, but a pre med one at that - that's just too hard core for me.
Home page: None

Christine G.
I met Christine in Landra's dorm. In fact, they were roommates. I remember always being chastised by her, since for some reason I had a hard time recognizing her. Dunno, my mind works strangely. Hopefully, I have made up for it all now. She also plays guitar, and one of these days we are going to jam.
Home page: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~cgaw

Kathy H.
Possibly one of the easily amused people I know, but that is all good. Kathy is really fun to hang out with, and some of the expressions she makes are so funny. I met her in the dorms, through a friend of mine (they actually went to the same high school). Ask her why she's a chipmunk and a mutant turtle, when you see her.
Home page: None

Jury S.
Another friend from Unit 1. She's pretty reserved when you first meet her, but after a few late night parties in Soda Hall, and after you get to know her, she is really cool. She's pretty busy now with classes and church, but once in a while I still bump into her.
Home page: None

Sonia W.
Friendly and bubbly, that is Sonia. She lived across the hall from one of my friends from high school, in the dormitories. I actually got to know her better after we hung out at some of the TSA events. She can be pretty crazy too sometimes, but that is when she is the most cool. Just be careful if you ever go to dinner with her; she will encourage you to eat... and eat... and eat...
Home page: None

Other Cal buddies

Judy C.
My friend's high school classmate from Whitney Academy, as I like to call it, in the middle of Cerritos, in South California. She likes her car (really likes her car), and she really likes to drive it (and fast too). Anyway, she had a really busy schedule this semester, but she has promised to hang out with me some time in the future, so, here it is, for the record.
Home page: None

Susie K.
Susie is one of the few people I truly met randomly. We happened to both be waiting outside a room on campus, and then we just got started to talking. We were even in some of the same classes together. Hey, even in a school this size, you still run into a lot of the same people over and over.
Home page: http://www.susiekang.tripod.com

Michelle L.
I rarely see her on campus, but I talk to her a lot online. She is really into anime, and is always watching the lastest one, or else drawing her own anime art. Her other funny idiosyncracy is her constant complaining about how easy those 'farmers' have it across the bay. If you don't get the joke, ask any Cal Bear.
Home page: None

Wendy L.
She's another person I met through three degrees - in this case, my high school friend's cousin's friend - none of which go to Berkeley except her. We were actually in the same music class together, although we never met. She works for the Daily Cal, which takes up a lot of her time, but we still manage to chat with each other once in a while.
Home page: http://www.geocities.com/aznviolet4/moreaboutwendy.html

Zhi L.
I first met her in cs lab, even though she is not a CS major, because she was visiting one of her friends. She always has the randomest pieces of news, but they are always so interesting. I always wonder what she will say next when she talks to me.
Home page: None

High school friends

Joyce C.
I remember Joyce as the secretary for FBLA in high school, and my very first words to her were 'you misspelled my name...' Well that was a forgivable transgression, and we still became fast friends after that. She actually attends Berkeley, and so we still see each other on campus. She can often be found watching anime, or playing Final Fantasy on the playstation.
Home page: http://www.angelfire.com/me4/cloudnomiko

Daniel K.
We knew each other in high school, but it wasn't until college that we really started to hang out, strangely enough. Anyway, he was into karaoke also, and sometimes we would go grab a bite to eat, stop by the pearl tea place for a while, and then go shoot some pool or go to the karaoke place. He has since then moved to Vegas, but every once in a while he still comes back for a mini reunion.
Home page: None

Amy L.
Amy is one of my long time friends. She claims she was in my English class back in junior high, but to this day I still deny it, even though it's probably true. We actually hung out a lot in high school since we were part of the same clubs. She now attends UC San Diego, but we still see each other once in a while.
Home page: None

Kaisen L.
My brother. Enough said. I guess he doesn't really belong in the high school friends category, but I am too lazy to make another new category.
Home page: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~kaisenl

Randy U.
If he ever tells you he is not a nerd, don't believe him. He takes college math honors classes for fun. Well, now that I've told the world that, he really doesn't look like a nerd though, and he doesn't act like one either. In fact, he's really cool to hang out with. And yes, when we hang out, we really do hang out, not gather to do math problems or something (where does that stereotype come from anyway?)
Home page: http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/rsu2

Tina W.
I used to call her the cynic. And she was! although not as much anymore. But hidden under all that sarcastic wit is actually a nice personality. It took me a while to find it, but it's there. She's also a UCSD'er, she showed me around campus last time I visited. Anyway, I am sure she doesn't mean half the jokes she says, or at least, I hope not. She is definitely funny, I can say that.
Home page: None