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Yosen Lin

  • Seeking entry level position in software engineering
  • University of California, Berkeley, 1999 - present (expected grad. date 5/03)
    Majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
  • AA degree in Mathematics (Mission College, 1993)
  • Computer Science: Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Probabilistic Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence
  • Electrical Engineering: Signals and Systems, Electrical Circuits
  • Current GPA: 3.74, Honors
Skills and
  • General computer skills: Unix, Windows, vi, emacs
  • Known programming languages: Java, C/C++, Perl, HTML, Assembly (80x86, MIPS), SQL, PHP, LaTeX, Scheme
  • Computer graphics skills: OpenGL, Photoshop, Bryce 3d
  • Developed a computer model of the Berkeley campus, with walkability, transparency, and camera rotation, for computer graphics (Fall '01)
  • Developed a miniature operating system, with virtual memory and paging, and networking protocol, for operating systems (Spring '01) Developed dominoes game run over the Internet, for data structures (Fall '99)
Work and
    Teaching Assistant
    Spring 2002
    University of California, Berkeley
    Teaching assistant for CS61B, the data structures course

    Residential Computing Programmer
    Fall 2001 to Spring 2002
    University of California, Berkeley Residential Computing
    Programmed network scripts and support scripts to provide network management and Internet access to students living in the university dormitories

    Freshman Mathematics Staff Tutor
    Spring 2000 to present
    University of California, Berkeley, Unit 3 Freshman Dormitory
    Provided tutoring services and presented review sessions to new freshman for all lower division math classes

    Self Paced Center Tutor
    Fall 2001
    University of California, Berkeley
    Provided individual tutoring and support for students enrolled in the self paced program, self directed computer language classes

    Testing and Software Engineering
    Summer 1997, 1998, 1999
    Systems Science, Inc. (now Synopsys, Inc.)
    Wrote test scripts and implemented libraries for CAD libraries
  • Tutored elementary and middle school students in fundamental English and math skills through the Oakland Asian Students Educational Services (OASES) program, Spring and Fall 2001
  • Performed a magic trick on stage in talent show co hosted by Taiwan Student Association (TSA), produced a person out of an empty box, Spring 2002
  • Known languages: Mandarin Chinese, English
  • Member of UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honor Society (HKN) since Fall 2000
  • Available upon request