I study how insurance alters the behavior of individuals, firms, and governments. I’m particularly interested in understanding how insurance and social safety nets can be used to improve welfare. 


A. Del Valle (2021) The Effects of Public Health Insurance in Labor Markets with Informal Jobs: Evidence from Mexico, Journal of Health Economics, 77 (C) 102454.

An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title: From caring to work: the labor market effects of noncontributory health insurance.

Awards: Third Prize Inter-American Development Bank Research in Social Security Award

Media coverage: VOXEU and World Economic Forum 

A. Del Valle, A. De Janvry & E. Sadoulet (2020) Rules for Recovery: Impact of Indexed Disaster Funds on Shock Coping in MexicoAmerican Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 12 (4) 164-95.

An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title: Insuring Growth: The Impact of Disaster Funds on Economic Reconstruction in Mexico,  Joint with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet, World Bank Policy Research working paper 7714

Media coverage: World Bank Development Impact Blog Global Index Insurance Forum, COP 21 (Ferdi) and COP 21 (Berkeley)

A. Del Valle, M. Eriksson, O. A. Ishizawa & J. J. Miranda (2020) Mangroves Protect Coastal Economic Activity from Hurricanes, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 

An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title: Mangroves for Coastal Protection: Evidence from Hurricanes in Central America, World Bank Policy Research working paper 8795

Media coverage: CNN, Grist, The Science Breaker

A. Del Valle, R. Elliot, E. Strobl & M. Tong (2018). The Short-Term Economic Impact of Tropical Cyclones: Satellite Evidence from Guangdong Province, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 2 (3) 225-235.

Working Papers

New: A. del Valle (2021), Saving Lives with Pre-Financed Rules-Based Disaster Aid: Evidence from Mexico, medRxiv

A. del Valle, T. Scharlemann & S. Shore (2019), Household Financial Behavior After Hurricane Harvey


MBA 8000 – RMI 4530 – MGS 4385
Office hours by appointment: https://calendly.com/adelvalle

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