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Artists in Resonance, casually known on campus as AiR!, is the premiere independent co-ed a cappella group based out of the University of California, Berkeley. From our humble beginnings in 1987, We now have fourteen amazing performers, performing every Monday at noon underneath Sather Gate on campus. Our repertoire includes self-arranged pieces, everything from alternative rock and hip-hop to traditional fight songs and Top 40 hits.

During the school year, you can find us singing on Sproul Plaza, but don' t be surprised if you also see us at the Telegraph Street Fair, Jack London Square, or even Santa Cruz! We also perform all over California at numerous events. We have made appearances at the Annual Big Sing-Off (UC Berkeley/Stanford), the California A Cappella Festival (UC Los Angeles), the West Coast A Cappella Showcase (UC Berkeley), and the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Each semester, we hold several concerts on campus at UC Berkeley. Check our website to stay updated with concert dates and much more.

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Brandon Weiss Hey, I’m Brandon! I’m a Senior majoring in Integrative Biology, and when I’m not with AiR or in Moffitt, I’m most likely standing in marshes for hours becoming one with the birds of Berkeley. I work for a veterinary clinic and animals, birds included, are my passion. I love trying new things, being with friends and family, and eating good food. Hope you enjoy our show! Now, sashay away.
Charlyn Manuyag Hi! My name is Charlyn, but people call me Char for short! I am a 4th year Engineering Physics major. I’m from Hawaii, but no, I don’t know how to hula hoop. In my spare time, I like to eat, gym and hang out with friends. I love AiR because it’s full of kind, supportive, tall people who can reach things on high shelves for me. More than anything, it is my family fully of music memories.
Cora Fesler Hey! My name is Cora and I’m a Freshman in Political Science and Music. I am originally from Mount Shasta, California, but I’m a city girl at heart. I’m that soprano who sings notes only dogs can hear, towers over everyone, and has a bad pun for every situation (beleaf me). Outside of music, I love to hike, backpack, swim, rant about politics, do theatre, play with my dog, travel and more. I like to stay busy and work hard, and this music fAirMily is what keeps me sane amidst it all.
Cory McCubbrey Hi, I’m Cory! I’m now in my second year at Cal studying Music and Computer Science. I’m from Humboldt County, the REAL NorCal where there’s a bunch of redwoods and no people. I love playing piano, making all kinds of music with people and sleeping all day. AiR has great people and great music so I’m having a blast. Come here us sing!
Danielle Satin
Hi, I'm Dani! I am currently a third year, studying Environmental Earth Science, Music, and Education! I love to be outside and explore nature, as I am very passionate about this earth and all it has to give to us. In my free time, I love to play the keyboard, hike, drink coffee, listen to/ write music, spend time with my incredible friends, spread love, and eat!! I’m known for singing my sentences in normal conversations with people and for having an endless tolerance to caffeine (5 cups of coffee is normal, right?). I feel so luck to be a part of a group who simply wants to bring joy to others through music! Check us out!!
Evan Chang Yello! My name’s Evan and I’m a third year studying Computer Science and Integrative Biology at Cal. When I’m not studying or at rehearsal, I like playing games and being a weeabo, reading manga or watching anime. I like going to the local animal shelter, helping out the vet there and playing with doggos! Im known in AiR for telling horrible jokes no one hears and smiling even when I average 3 hours a night, but most of all, for loving the group more than air itself (HA)!
Hunter Casperson Heyo! I’m Hunter Casperson, a third year at Cal. I love to sing but I’m mainly known as the guy who makes weird noises. I compete nationally and last year I made it to the top 8 Beatboxers in America! AiR is one of my two families next to my fraternity and it is full of countless memories and music for me. Let’s get this one!!!
Isha Mangal Hey! My name is Isha and I’m a Sophomore double majoring in Cognitive Science and Data Science. I’m a Bay Area girl who secretly wants to move to New York, and when I’m not studying till 3am in Moffitt, I can be found songwriting, playing guitar, or going to concerts. Some of my hobbies include falling over and hurting myself on flat surfaces and constantly changing my mind about being PreMed. I can be bribed to do virtually anything for watermelon cubes.
Isabelle Kimura Hello there! My name is Izzy and I am a sophomore studying Biology. I’ve been Music Manager of AiR for a year now and when I’m not learning every voice part or arranging music for the group, I like to be eating, chilling with friends, or singing songs of my own. I hope that AiR makes everyone fall in love with music as much as I have. I love being in such a wonderful group, and most of all, I love it when I blow the pitch pipe and people are still talking…
Jaijie Yu Hey there! My name is JiaJie! I am currently a first year from Colorado studying MCB and music. Outside of acapella, I’m always jamming to some nice tunes, or always on the hunt for amazing boba and food. My most commonly used phrases include “YEET” and “yah chill,” and if you see me on campus, say hey, but I probably won’t hear you because I wear Beats 16 hours out of the day. I love hanging out with friends and if there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that you’ll always catch me with positive vibes wherever.
Joie Zhou Hey! I’m Joie! I’m a Freshman and as of now I’m PreMed, Computer Science, and currently losing my mind. When I’m not studying around the clock, I love to dance in AFX, play piano, hang out with friends, and watch Miyazaki films. I’m always busy, but I always make time for AiR, and I can’t wait to share all the craziness and love with everyone who comes to hear us.
Kevin Wang
Hi everyone! My name is Kevin and I’m a Sophomore studying Computer Science. I’m also a brother at TKE and enjoy swimming, hiking, and watching TV shows. I like to help arrange or come up with cool ideas for our songs and I take great pride in having the talent to say puns which have the power to annoy anyone. AiR is my second family and I hope you enjoy our music as much as I do!
Anastasha Rachel Gunawan Hola! I’m Rachel! I’m studying Economics and Data Science and I love peanut butta c: Besides constantly laughing and smiling over everything, my main hobbies are thinking about snacking, snacking, snacking again, and feeling bad about snacking. I wear nice clothes sometimes because my actual fashion preference consists of oversized t-shirts and sweatpants, so my mom does all my shopping. I love being around good people, going to concerts, trying new foods, and joking around with my FrAiRnds
Reed Lievers Hello! My name is Reed and I am a sophomore from San Diego studying Society and Environment/Geography. I am interested in environmental public policy and politics and enjoy being outdoors and feeling guilty about climate change. Enjoy the show!
Robbie Li Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my bio, so call me Robbie ≧◡≦ Hi! I am a Sophomore double majoring in Political Economy and Statistics. Instead of boba, I drink a lot of tea and coffee. Rather than staying up late, I wake up before 7am every day of the week. Besides singing with the amazing AiR, what I enjoy the most during my free time is napping in the afternoon, napping in a hammock, napping in front of a TV, and… well, you get the idea. I love the botanical garden and as an international student from China, I especially appreciate Berkeley and AiR, for making me feel at home and part of the fAiRmily. Hope to see you at one of our performances!


Mar 09, 2018

Fall 2016 Audition Results

Check out our new recruits in the members section!

Feb 23, 2018

Weekly Sproul Performance

Come see and hear us perform a selection of songs from our current repertoire every week by beautiful Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus. Songs rotate from week to week, so don't miss out!

Jan 1, 2018

Fall 2018 Auditions!

Come to our auditions on Sproul!