Active Member Roster

Arjun Kaul - Arjun is a 5th year Materials Science Engineering major. He is Alpha Sig's Housing Manager. He brews his own beer and works with his friends to make very impressive pyrotechnics equipment.

Arjun Mukundan - Arjun is a 4rd year Biomechanical Engineering Major. He is a member of multiple research labs on campus. When not doing research, Arjun enjoys playing Frisbee.

Dan Arnott - Dan is a 4rd year Economics major and is also our Athletic Director. Dan is the drummer for the Porcelain Hammers, a band comprised mostly of brothers and alumni from Alpha Sig. His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He studied abroad in Italy last year. He spends his free time rock climbing or playing ultimate Frisbee with fellow brothers when not playing guitars or drums.

Dan King - Dan is a 4th year Political Science major with a focus in American Politics. He is our Pubicity Chair and Sustainability Chair. Dan enjoys tennis, squash, and playing Super Smash Bros. He is also a Commissioner for the Fire and Disaster Safety Commission for the City of Berkeley.

SJ Park - SJ is a 4th year Electrical Engineering/Computer Science major. He loves Dungeons and Dragons and many other types of games.

Adam Kuphaldt - Adam is a 4th year Computer Science major, and head GSI for CS 10. He is our Scholarship Director. Adam enjoys long-distance running and has an uncanny resemblance to Jonah Hill.

Nathan Mayer - Nathan is a 3rd year Economics major. He is our Marshal and Alumni Director. Any alumni should contact him at Nathan is the piano player and backup singer for the Porcelain Hammers.

Andrew Argraves - Andrew is a 4th year history major. He is our New Member Educator. In his free time, he enjoys writing, debate, and competing in Super Smash Bros. Tournaments.

Casey Currey-Wilson - Casey is a 3rd year Computer Science and Film double major. In addition to the time he spends with Alpha Sig, he is President of Delta Kappa Alpha, the professional film fraternity. He enjoys producing and watching movies, long-distance running, and photography.

Andrew Blatner - Andrew is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. He is our Vice President and Secretary. Andrew is a part of Cal Tae Kwon Do and competes nationally. He recently completed an internship with Toximity.

Marcus Lee - Marcus is a 2nd year Materials Science Engineering major. He is our President. Marcus is an international brother and went to high school in Shanghai, but was born here in Northern California. On campus, he is a member of the Undergraduate Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team and secretary for the MSEA.

Trevor Fischer - Trevor is a 4th year Environmental Science major. He is an Eagle Scout. Trevor enjoys hiking, backpacking, and dungeons and dragons.

Colin Holdsworth - Colin is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering major. He is our Housing Committee Chair. Colin is an avid soccer player, comic aficionado, and movie critic. He is a very active brother, except when there is a soccer game on TV.

Shobhan Kashyap - Shobhan is a 2nd year Molecular and Cell Biology major from San Fernando Valley (fun fact: He went to high school with Brother Holdsworth). Shobhan enjoys dance and martial arts, and goes by the nickname "Ketchup."

Varun Iyer - Varun is a 2nd Materials Science Engineering major from Dubai. He is our Social Chair. He is a passionate Manchester United fan and loves Heavy Metal music. He is also our Publicity Chair. He is forming a deathcore band called Varun 5 with our brother Gabe. When Varun isn't watching soccer games or studying, he can be found in one of the many concerts halls of San Francisco.

Paul Moulton - Paul is a 3rd year EECS major from Orange County, CA. He is our Philanthropy Chair. Paul enjoys running, photography, and playing frisbee outdoors. When he's not studying in Bechtel Library, he's looking for new coffee shops or lunch places around Berkeley.

Jorge Bugarin-Tello - Jorge is a 2nd year from Petaluma. Jorge is considering majoring in Environmental Science and was a part of the Global Environment Theme Program at his residence hall. He is also our Agents of CAT representative.

Gabriel Gangoso - Gabe is a 2nd year philosophy major. He is our Brotherhood Development Director. Gabe often gets lost in philosophical thought. He is a fan of esports, and has put in more than 2000 hours into honing his skills. He travels around the Bay Area as a hired debate coach and judge.

Juan Cruz - Juan is a 2nd year Molecular and Cell Biology major from the San Fernando Valley. He enjoys playing Xbox and streaming various anime shows. He spends his summers gaming and working in construction. Fun fact: Juan and Varun were roommates freshman year.

Carson Lian - Carson is a 1st year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. He is our Treasurer. Carson is from Richmond, so he is quite familiar with the Berkeley area already. He is also part of the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team.

Luis Araiza - Luis is a 1st year intended Business major. He is our Recruitment Director. Luis was born in the USA but has lived in Cuba, Belize and Puerto Rico before going to High School in Hayward. He celebrates every day like its his birthday.

Daniel Goldstein - Daniel is a 2nd year Molecular and Cell Biology major from Tucson, Arizona. He has played tennis for 15 years and is allergic to peanuts, but that's okay because he thinks they're a waste of time anyway.