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Rental Agreements

The number one rule with rental agreements is to get everything in writing. Be sure to know the terms and conditions of your agreement, and what city codes apply to your residence.

Security Deposits

Easily one of the biggest sources of disputes between a landlord and a tenant, security deposits are actually well regulated and protected by law.


Removing someone from their home is a serious action, so there are many rights a tenant has when faced with eviction.


Whether temporarily for summer vacation or permanently in order to get out of a lease, many students find themselves dealing with subletting at some point or another.


Is something wrong with your apartment? Especially if damage in your rental is a serious threat to your health or safety, the law may offer you several ways to get your landlord to make necessary repairs.

Privacy and Security

Landlord walking in at random times? That's illegal. There are many city codes and ordinances devoted to protecting both your privacy and your security as a tenant.

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