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Evans Hall Coloring Contest

Entries and Winners
Evans Hall. Home to the UCB Math department, the second most prominent and first most ugly building on campus. Formerly a big off-white concrete box, following a recent renovation, it's now a big gray box that looks like it can and should retract back into the ground.

Now, the obligatory Before and After pictures of the renovation with commentary:
Dropping in onto campus in 1971, this is what Evans Hall looked like in the first 30 years of its unwelcome existence. It wasn't until a retrofitting project in the late 90's caused the side effect of pieces of concrete falling off the surface of the building that something was done to the exterior. I guess it might have looked better on paper. Whether or not the new surface of gray-green concrete makes Evans less ugly is open to debate. At least we dont' have to worry about getting beaned by falling concrete now. Granted, it does make the building blend in with hills behind campus better. It also makes the building look really evil. This picture was taken on an overcast day and was not edited in any way whatsoever. The smoke is coming from a ground level steam vent.

The contest is over now. See the entries here.


1. Download the following coloring template and print it out. Alternatively, you can find copies of this on Sproul Plaza and in Evans Hall while supplies last.

NOTE: Although the file size is only 165 kb, this is a very large picture and may not display properly in some browsers. If that is the case, right click to save to disk and open in another program to print.

2. Cut out the building following the outer lines. Be careful not to cut off the tabs when seperating the edges. This step is optional but will help you better visualize your drawing.

3. Color in the building as you see fit.

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The Evans Hall Coloring Contest is not sponsored or affiliated with/by anybody or any organization. It is wheelchair accessible. Entries will not be returned unless entrant includes a self addressed stamped envelope or lives at Unit 3.