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NetSERF (Medieval Resources: Literature, History, Art, Music, and much more...)
University of Exeter Press (Home Page & Catalogue: Ordering Texts By U.E.P.)
UC Berkeley's Online Medieval & Classical Library (Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE)
Medieval Studies Home Page (University of California, Berkeley)
Harvard University's Chaucer Page (Chaucer Page & Other Resources)
Yale University's Medieval Studies (Medieval Studies Page)
Saint Bede the Venerable (John William Houghton's Bede Page)
Classical Net (Home Page)
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco(Home Page)
The Internet Renaissance Band (Home Page)
Arto Wikla's Music Page (Home Page)
Dorian Recordings (Home Page)

Medieval Trinkets

Medieval Productions (Medieval, Renaissance, and American Indian Trinkets)
Swords n' Stuff (Medieval Swords, Daggers, Shields, Armour, Chainmail, etc.)


Medieval Life (Home Page)
The New Yorker (Home Page)


University of California, Berkeley (Home Page)


Datek Online (Online : Trading, Quotes, Research, & more...)
StockMaster (Online Quotes & Info.)
Nasdaq (Home Page)
Dow Jones (Home Page)
The New York Mercantile Exchange (Home Page)
The Street.Com (News)
CNBC (News, Links, & more...)


Harmony Central (Home Page)
Dream Theater (Home Page)
Ozzy Osbourne (Home Page)
Bruce Dickinson (Home Page)
Steve Vai (Home Page)
Deth Sepecula (Home Page)


ESPN (Home Page)
Soccer (France 98', Official Home Page)
Le Tour De France (Official Home Page)
Airplay Aerial Table Soccer System (Home Page)


CNN (Home Page)
The Weather Channel (Home Page)
California Department of Transportation (Real-Time Traffic Reports, Southern California Only)
Time Service Department (Home Page)


Michael Kaminsky (Home Page)
Alec Dawson (Home Page)
Venu Madhav Pothini (Babu's Home Page)
Christine & Larry (Home Page)
Rob Bayan (Home Page)
Mike Nguyen (Home Page)